Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4873) was in a car accident, and the girl was worried about her lung nodules

More and more friends have found lung nodules, not only middle-aged and elderly people, but some in their 20s According to my friend’s CT scan, there are pulmonary nodules on the lungs.

A 19-year-old girl recently contacted me on an online consultation platform , sent me her information, she was very worried about her lung nodules, and asked if I needed surgery? I saw that she had two CT scans this month, one was at the beginning of November, when a solid nodule was found in the lungs, the largest diameter was 5mm, and then another CT scan was taken two days ago, but The CT showed fractured ribs. She said that she had been in a car accident in the past two days. She had nodules on her lungs, and her lungs were not good, so she had another car accident. Now she has a little cough, which makes her very worried.

From the chest CT she provided, I think it was caused by the trauma of the car accident Rib fractures and lung contusions are more serious than pulmonary nodules. These nodules in her lungs are more likely to be benign, and a reexamination will be enough after one year. Now she is still hospitalized for car accident trauma, I thought she would not Worried about lung nodules, rest assured.