In ten years, I have created an internet celebrity face. How wonderful is the experience of “face-changing queen” Lee Da Hae?

South Korea’s plastic surgery technology is very developed, and its medical level is particularly advanced. It is reported that South Korea is the top in the global medical beauty industry, and their overall stability and safety are relatively high. Of course, this has also created a situation where local people are anxious about their appearance. Whether it is a celebrity or an ordinary person, plastic surgery is very common. Many parents will give their children double eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty as gifts when they grow up. But having said that, the degree of falsehood of Korean female stars is relatively high, after all, they all have plastic surgery faces.

Among all the female stars who love plastic surgery, Lee Da Hae is a very typical case. At the age of 21, he starred in My Girl, known as the Korean Little Swallow, which quickly ignited the entertainment industry and even reached China. The cute and sweet character in the play has captured a lot of fans, his traffic has skyrocketed, and his popularity remains high.

I have to say, This drama became a big hit, and his acting career has been in a state of steady growth, going smoothly. Every year, powerful directors approach her to film, and he has forgotten many classic roles. Back then, there were rumors of relationship problems with Feng Fengzi, and Feng Fengzi even flew to South Korea to meet Lee Da Hae. Of course, he was just an unknown little character at the time. How the two developed later is unknown.

I thought Lee Da Hae could enter the Korean entertainment circle In a top-tier position, at this juncture, he actually chose plastic surgery. Of course plastic surgery is okay, but if it is too weird, it will naturally ruin my acting career. According to the ranking of plastic surgery stars given by South Korea, Lee Da Hae is ranked seventh. Today we will mainly analyze what has changed on his face over the years.

When he debuted, Lee Da Hae looked pure and pure, with a bridge of nose and single eyelids, baby fat , round face, and later won the Miss Korea Chunxiang champion, the state is still very good. Of course, after starring in Kao Fairy, because of weight loss and improved body shape, the overall condition is getting better and better, but the facial changes have not undergone major adjustments. It hasn’t been groomed at this time.

With the broadcast of Goodbye Miss Ripley , Lee Da Hae’s appearance changed drastically, and he was a completely different person from before. The big pie face turned into an awl face, and there were obvious traces of knife movement at the corner of the mandible, especially the lines were particularly smooth, and at first glance it seemed that parallel bone cutting had been carried out. The bridge of the nose became taller, and the eyes became double eyelids, big lying silkworms. Compared with before, it is a completely different person, which is equivalent to a major renovation of the whole face. The most ruthless thing is that the bones are actually moved, which is unexpected by fans.

After a while, he became an internet celebrity face. People didn’t buy it, so Lee Da Hae gradually faded out of the entertainment industry. His face is full of silicone , very greasy. Fans expressed that it is a pity that he is so beautiful, why did he have plastic surgery? Now he is 37 years old, and the number of works has dropped directly. He even focuses on online live streaming and so on , trying to sell their products on the road like a vegetable seller.

Last year he also announced his marriage, but no one knew the identity of his boyfriend. He thought he would meet at the peak, but no one thought that he would choose plastic surgery because Aimei was so dazed.

In the end, I still hope that everyone will Please be more sensible about plastic surgery, and don’t follow the trend to use the knife. All surgical operations have risks, especially plastic surgery. After all, medical and aesthetic institutions are so popular now, many times they think they have eaten pie, but they have actually fallen into it. A trap set by merchants.