Blind Chinese medicine is a “good medicine” for cerebral infarction. Soaking in water every day will heal cerebral infarction, which is very good

When the blockage exceeds 70%, the human body will feel bad, and the older the blood vessel is, the more blocked it will be. Many people wait until they are old before starting to work on their cardiovascular system. They don’t know that blood runs through every part of the human body. Not only the elderly, but young people have improper diet and lifestyle habits. Reasonable, if you don’t rest well, blood vessels are easy to block.

Here is a recommended diet for blood vessels.

Agaricus blazei asparagus liquid: made from Agaricus blazei , asparagus, wolfberry, soybean are made of several blood-vessel-nourishing ingredients, known as “vascular scavenger”, can dredge blood vessels and prevent cerebral infarction.

The practice of Agaricus blazei and asparagus liquid is also derived from the addition and deletion of the nourishing blood vessel formula in “Chinese Materia Medica”, which was established many years ago It has been used to decoct and regulate blood vessels, and modern medicine has optimized and perfected it.

Specific method:Take Agaricus blazei, asparagus, soybeans, and medlars, put them in a pot, add 3 bowls of water, boil on high heat, turn to low heat, and boil for another hour to take out Juice, 2~3 times a day, boiled water on the same day and drink every day, insisting on drinking can soften blood vessels and clean blood garbage. The active ingredients in it have higher activity and are easier to be absorbed by the body. If you insist on drinking and conditioning, it can dredge the blood vessels, clean up blood garbage, and restore the smoothness and elasticity of blood vessels.

Agaricus blazei is rich in nucleic acid and linolenic acid , It can inhibit the generation of peroxylipid and cholesterol, avoid the accumulation of lipid substances on the inner wall of blood vessels, and prevent blood vessel blockage.

Asparagus rich in rutin, asparagus Amide, can reduce capillary fragility, dilate coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, etc..

Goji berry contains goji berry polysaccharides and other ingredients, It has the functions of lowering blood vessel cholesterol and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Lecithin from soybeanIt can emulsify and decompose blood vessel oil to prevent blood vessel blockage and hardening.

The above is a good dietary prescription for blood vessels, I hope it can help everyone! In addition, Patients with cerebral infarction need to pay attention to regular review, control their blood pressure, and pay more attention to changing bad lifestyle.