If your blood sugar is within this range, you basically don’t need to worry. Have you reached the target by self-test?

For people with high blood sugar and diabetes, they usually pay attention to changes in blood sugar, and usually take hypoglycemic drugs or insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Especially diet has a great impact on blood sugar, if the diet is unhealthy, it will cause large fluctuations in blood sugar , so most people with high blood sugar pay special attention to dietary issues in normal times.

Actually, the level of blood sugar is not constant throughout the day, due to the influence of external factors, corresponding Blood sugar should be controlled within a reasonable range at ordinary times.


If your blood sugar is within this range, basically you don’t have to worry. Are you up to the mark?

Under normal circumstances, the blood sugar will be low before eating, and the blood sugar will rise after eating , but the blood sugar of normal people is generally within a reasonable range.

The fasting blood sugar is generally between 3.9~6.1mmol/L, and the blood sugar two hours after a meal is generally less than 7.8 mmol/L, the fluctuation range within a day is about 2~3mmol/L.

In fact, the fluctuation of blood sugar is closely related to the daily diet, which is related to the decomposition of glycogen in the liver, It is related to the conversion of fat and protein, but because of the action of insulin, generally blood sugar will be within the normal range.


Adolescents’ fasting blood sugar should be kept between 5.0~7.2mmol/L, two hours after meals Blood sugar should be kept between 5.0~8.3mmol/L.


For middle-aged and elderly people, fasting blood sugar should be kept between 6.1~7.0mmol/L, and blood sugar two hours after meals should be kept at 8.0~10.0 mmol/L between.


< p data-track="14">The body of the elderly is special, and various indicators are prone to abnormalities, so try to keep the fasting blood sugar between 7.0~9.0mmol/L.


What are the factors that induce diabetes?


Virus infection is the main inducing factor of type 1 diabetes, especially many viruses can cause insulitis and cause disease, such as encephalitis virus, virus infection can also easily cause insulitis, resulting in Insufficient insulin secretion can induce diabetes, and the virus infection will remain latent in the body for a long time, causing the disease to aggravate.


Most people with type 1 diabetesThey are all obese, and obesity will also reduce the number of insulin receptors and reduce insulin sensitivity, which will cause obstacles to the utilization of sugar, increase blood sugar, and cause diabetes.

Physical activity

The incidence of diabetes in rural areas of my country is significantly lower than that of urban residents, because urban residents usually have less physical activity, and increased physical activity can prevent obesity, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote sugar utilization.


People with high blood sugar, do 3 more things to help stabilize blood sugar< /strong>

Follow the doctor’s advice and rational use of medicines

In order to keep blood sugar stable, it should be treated with drugs at ordinary times. As a chronic disease, diabetes needs to be taken reasonably under the guidance of a doctor. Only in this way can it effectively control blood sugar levels and reduce adverse symptoms of the body.

If there is a problem of high blood sugar, without taking medicine, it will cause large fluctuations in blood sugar, and it is easy to Cause a series of complications, so the rational use of drugs is the key.

Enough exercise

If you want to maintain your health, you must also control various indicators of your body. For people with diabetes, you should insist on exercising in normal times, which can promote calorie consumption, convert sugar into energy, and maintain blood sugar in steady state.

If you lack exercise for a long time, you will be prone to obesity , coupled with excessive intake of calories from the diet, will cause blood sugar to rise, which is likely to cause adverse symptoms, so exercise should be used to lower blood sugar at this time.


Staying up late for a long time will cause endocrine disorders, which will lead to a decline in metabolic function, and the body will not be able to metabolize excess blood sugar, resulting in elevated blood sugar and diabetes, so you should actively adjust your work and rest.