Diarrhea after drinking? Or related to these 4 reasons, I hope you who like to drink will see it sooner

Introduction: From Liu Bang’s “Hongmen Banquet” in the late Qin and early Han Dynasties to Zhao Kuangyin’s “A cup of wine releases military power”, the wine culture can be said to have a long history. It also plays a very important role in our daily life.

In our daily life today, the importance of wine is not only The bridge of communication can bring auxiliary effects to both business negotiation and intimacy.

As time goes by, the wine culture has become more and more abundant, and the types are becoming more and more more and more.

We often say ” No wine, no feast”, if you don’t know the etiquette and speaking skills of the wine table in daily life, it is very likely that it will become an unpleasant banquet.

In life, some people drink some wine in their spare time, but some people I found this kind of problem, that is, I have diarrhea after drinking alcohol. What is the reason? Maybe only you know your troubles after drinking!

Alcohol The process of entering the body

Alcohol enters our body and is generally absorbed into the body through the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestinal mucosa Among the various tissues and organs in the body, the small intestine can absorb about 75% to 80% of alcohol, while the stomach can absorb about 10% to 20% of alcohol.

The oxidation and excretion speed of alcohol in people’s body is very slow, so it will gather after being absorbed Among various blood and tissues, such as the alcohol concentration in the brain tissue, it is about 11 times of the blood alcohol concentration.

After alcohol enters our blood, it will first be transported to the liver, and the ethanol in the liver Dehydrogenase converts ethanol in alcohol into acetaldehyde.

After acetaldehyde is dehydrogenated by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, it will be converted into acetic acid, The acetic acid will be converted into water and carbon dioxide to be excreted from the body.

often What harm does drinking do to your body?

Damage to the liver

Alcohol is very harmful to the liver. This is because after alcohol enters people’s body, it needs to be metabolized by the liver.

If you drink too much for a long time, it will easily bring too much alcohol burden, and the fat in it It will accumulate in the liver, which will easily lead to fatty liver and alcoholic liver problems.


< p data-track="16">In the emergency room of the hospital, we can often see some people who have alcoholism due to heavy drinking.

This is mainly because if you drink too much, it will easily make the liver’s decomposition ability worse, and make the body unconscious , thus entering a state of shock.

And under this kind of problem, alcoholism will easily occur. If alcoholism is not carried out early Disposal will easily endanger the safety of personal life.

harms stomach

Drinking alcohol for a long time will also cause great damage to the stomach, which will lead to chronic gastritis.

And some problems can easily cause stomach diseases such as gastric bleeding, so long-term drinking can easily harm the stomach and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Nerve damage

Often drinking will easily make our brains have a sense of dependence on alcohol, and we will feel very uncomfortable when we are not drinking.< /span>

And people who drink alcohol for a long time are generally very irritable, and there are seldom quiet moments in life, which is mainly due to Alcohol is a problem caused by damage to the brain nerves, and regular drinking can also easily increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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After drinking Have loose bowels? Or related to these 4 reasons, I hope you who like to drink will see it soon

Colitis< /span>

Long-term drinking can easily lead to colitis problems, and patients will cause colonic mucosal hyperemia due to various pathogenic factors, and will easily Inflammatory lesions such as edema appear, and patients with colitis are prone to diarrhea after drinking alcohol.

Patients with chronic colitis have a problem of spleen and stomach deficiency and coldness. Many patients are in the lower realm. If they eat a little Some relatively cold and irritating foods, such as peppers, sashimi, etc.

It is easy to cause serious irritation to the intestinal mucosa, and once the intestinal mucosa is stimulated too much, Or after regular use, it will easily cause inflammation to appear, which in turn will easily cause diarrhea problems.

Drinking liquor, cold beer

Baijiu is a kind of wine with relatively high alcohol content. After entering people’s body, it will bring very little irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. It can also easily cause symptoms such as diarrhea.

And frozen beer because The degree is relatively low, and it is easy to cause gastrointestinal irritation.

It is especially easy to cause diarrhea after drinking alcohol. If you do not consume these two alcohols, then The chance of diarrhea will be greatly reduced.

Fatty liver

< p data-track="35">In our daily life, the liver is mainly an organ that metabolizes and decomposes alcohol, but the amount of alcohol that the liver can metabolize at one time is limited.

If you drink too much at one time, it will easily lead to alcohol accumulation in the body, and it will easily Disorders of liver metabolism.

If this is the case for a long time, alcoholic fatty liver problems will easily occur instead of abnormal bile secretion The phenomenon.

Plus when drinking Eating some high-fat foods can easily lead to severe diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Drinking tea after drinking

Some people choose to drink strong tea immediately after drinking Come to hangover, thinking that doing so can quickly sober up, but in fact it is not the case, this is a very wrong approach.

If you drink tea immediately after drinking alcohol, you will be more prone to diarrhea. The ethanol in alcohol will be converted into acetic acid after entering the intestinal tract.

The acetic acid cannot be oxidized in time and will be decomposed again by the body. If you drink alcohol immediately, it will easily react with some chemicals in strong tea, and it will easily Increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, resulting in abdominal distension, diarrhea, etc.

How to alleviate the problem of alcoholic diarrhea?

Actively treat diseases

From the above content, we can know that patients with certain diseases are prone to diarrhea after drinking alcohol. If you have this problem, you must go to the hospital for a corresponding examination as soon as possible.

After the cause is identified, and the corresponding treatment is carried out for the primary disease, after the primary disease is treated , the symptoms of diarrhea can also be relieved naturally.

Quit alcohol

< p data-track="48">Abstaining from alcohol is the safest way, and it can also solve the root cause of the phenomenon of diarrhea after drinking.

If you still If you have frequent diarrhea, you need to be vigilant. It may be caused by some other organic diseases in your body. You must seek medical examination as soon as possible.

Drink more water

Diarrhea can easily lead to dehydration, so if you have frequent diarrhea, you must pay attention to replenishing water in time, and you can also add some salt to the water to help The body replenishes sodium.

This can prevent electrolyte imbalance very well. It is recommended that you choose to drink water in small sips and slowly. Don’t drink too much, otherwise it will easily aggravate the symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain.

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Drink yogurt

If the problem of drunkenness is not particularly serious, you can drink some yogurt after drinking, which can help protect the gastrointestinal mucosa and also help delay the absorption of alcohol in the stomach.

Drink fresh sour juice

< p data-track="57">If you have a serious vomiting problem after being drunk, it is recommended that you drink some fresh sour juice, the acidic substances in it can better help the body excrete alcohol, Can also achieve the effect of hangover.

Conclusion: Drinking alcohol is very harmful to health. In our daily life, unnecessary Next, it is recommended that you try not to drink alcohol, and try to drink as little as possible if necessary. Drinking alcohol can better promote your health and reduce the burden on your own health.