If you want to live without big mistakes and big regrets, these 6 things must be done

It is impossible not to make mistakes in life, but there must be no big mistakes; it is impossible to live without regrets, but there must be no big regrets. There is no need for perfection in morality, but there must be no major flaws; there is no need for perfection in doing things, but one must not be ashamed of one’s heart. If you don’t get entangled in small things and don’t get confused in big things, life can be relaxed and life can be understood. If you want to have no big mistakes and no big regrets in life, you must do these 6 things.

Make some real friends< /span>

Thousands of treasures Work hard, blow all the sand and start to gold. A true friend is hard to find and meet, but if you can meet it in the baptism of the years and the ups and downs of life, he will shine like gold and make your life present a different kind of brilliance. Tens of thousands of wealth are not as good as a friend. Encourage each other, persuade each other, have a few true friends, and it is not easy to go wrong.

Cultivate indifferent mind

A lot of gold, a lot of silver Anxiety, more desires and more disasters. One must be indifferent in one’s heart, so as to not be shocked by favor or humiliation, and to advance and retreat freely. More suffering and less happiness is the inevitability of life, it is the calmness of life to be able to suffer and be happy, and it is the detachment of a wise man to turn suffering into happiness. Enjoy the good wind and rain under the eaves of the wind and rain, and see the great rivers and lakes on the rivers and lakes road. For the rest of your life, be indifferent, desire less, seek less, and then you will have less regrets and fewer mistakes.

Always be kind

Love out and return , Blessings go, blessings come, you have a kind heart, you will meet the same heart; you have kindness in your heart, you will get the same kindness. In any case, if you stay kind and have good intentions, you will have no regrets and regrets in your life, and your life will be better. The world of mortals is disturbed, and only by maintaining a kind heart can life be properly placed without damage or defect.

Able to bear grievance

Time is like a turbulent river The big river is full of mud and waves. No one can be alone, keep clean and refreshed for a lifetime, without being misunderstood or wronged. When things happen and you can’t explain them clearly, it’s better to bear them calmly, instead of fighting back angrily, hurting more people, making it impossible to make up for it, and leaving dust in your heart.

Always be grateful< /span>

Always be grateful, let life get the most abundant nourishment, make the soul shine with divinity, warm others, and warm yourself. Chinese people often say, dripping water Gratitude should be repaid to spring. Ingratitude is the greatest debt of the soul, and the first thing in life is not to be ungrateful. Desire to repay kindness, desire to forget grievances; repaying grievances is short, repaying kindness is long.

Look lightly at gains and losses

If you value gains and losses, you will inevitably have ups and downs in your heart, more troubles, and pain and troubles. It is beneficial to self-cultivation. The world is impermanent. Gains and losses are just material existence and non-existence. For the soul, as long as you don’t care about it, there is actually no loss. Gains and losses follow the conditions, and the heart does not increase or decrease. Don’t make mistakes in one step, step by step .If you can afford it, let it go, and don’t worry about gains and losses, you can have no regrets.