Ha, my hypoglycemic technique has paid off

Hal’s hypoglycemic technique has achieved great results

Zheng Dingwen

The day before yesterday Check blood sugar after meal, 12.3; check blood sugar on an empty stomach this morning, 5.6. Ha, I was overjoyed. As a hyperglycemic patient, I seem to be able to bid farewell to diabetes. In the past, the postprandial blood sugar was mostly around 16, while the fasting blood sugar was mostly around 11. The doctor gave me a serious warning to guard against complications of diabetes. Diabetes is not terrible, the most terrible thing is the complications. He asked me to insist on taking metformin, saying that the diet should be mainly custard dishes, eat more steamed buns, eat less pasta and so on. I did so, but to little effect.

Through communicating with friends, I followed the doctor’s instructions , also eat grapefruit with hypoglycemic effect, and drink tartary buckwheat tea with hypoglycemic effect. It took nearly half a month like this, and the effect was revealed, which is really gratifying. To sum up, my strategies for overcoming diabetes are as follows: First, take medication according to the doctor’s advice. For example, insisting on taking a pill of metformin every morning (the doctor made every meal “get the meal, the medicine will come to your mouth”), I thought there would be side effects, so I amended my will. The second is to follow the doctor’s advice for diet therapy. For example, eat less staple foods such as rice noodles and steamed buns, and use more custard dishes appropriately. The third is to learn from other people’s experience, choose grapefruit, a fruit with hypoglycemic effect, and choose to drink tartary buckwheat tea. At the same time, my exercise therapy and psychotherapy have been insisting on a good performance. I exercise for at least two hours a day, rain or shine. In terms of psychotherapy, I am generalized. I never put any pressure on myself. I often adjust my mentality better and maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

Through multi-faceted comprehensive treatment in this way, I finally achieved initial results. The disease is under control. As a rule, the index of fasting blood sugar is 6, mine is 5.6, which is slightly lower, and the index of postprandial blood sugar is 11, and mine is 12.3, which is slightly higher.

I have seen the dawn of victory in the long road to overcome diabetes. In the future, I will not be arrogant, stick to the above-mentioned effective multi-faceted comprehensive strategy, and make persistent efforts to consolidate the results.

This summer experience, other aspects are good, the main one is diabetes. If I persist in this way and subdue diabetes, then I will be a healthy old man. Ha, what a joy to behold.