On November 26, two of my articles ranked first and third in the “Zibo Hot List”, so excited

I am Family Grocery. As a Zibo native, I am most concerned about the development and changes of Zibo City. I am excited about the development of Zibo City and proud of the rise of Zibo City.

Recently, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Zibo City has been extremely severe, which has become another thing that I am extremely concerned about. So the first thing to do when getting up every morning is to read the epidemic information released by the Zibo Municipal Health and Health Commission, and analyze the measures that the government may take in the next step based on the epidemic information, and so on.

Today (November 25), I saw the newly designated 20 high-risk areas in Zibo City. The city has designated 20 high-risk areas, and the epidemic situation is the most severe moment in three years”.

In the morning, I saw the epidemic information released by the Zibo Municipal Health Commission from 0-24 o’clock on the 25th. I wrote another article “53 new cases of asymptomatic infections in Zibo City on the 25th, the inflection point has not yet appeared, and the epidemic situation is severe”, which analyzed the infectivity, strangeness, and harmfulness of the new crown virus.

The miracle happened in the afternoon. At 13:18 on November 26, 2022, the first article I wrote ranked first in the “Zibo Hot List”.

While I was happy, I didn’t expect that my second article, at 20:34 on the same day, was ranked third in the “Zibo Hot List”.

I am really grateful to Mr. Toutiao. How much money I make is another matter, the key is the recognition of myself, which makes me feel extremely excited and confident.

Although my name is “Family Vegetable Shopping”, I pay more attention to the economy of Zibo City development and social progress. In the future, I will use my wisdom, my “brain” diligently, my “heart” to express my “feeling”, to play my role and contribute my strength to the development of Zibo City.