If you have these 4 abnormalities in your body after drinking, listen to my advice: stop drinking

Drinking is one of the bad behaviors. During the drinking process, you can feel the gradual changes of the alcohol entering the body. After a few drinks, there is no feeling, and the amount of drinking is increasing , Many people began to blush, their heart beat fast, they drank a lot of alcohol without knowing it, and finally became unconscious. The next day, they heard from their friends that they did many strange things after being drunk. It can be seen that alcohol paralyzes the brain. The impact is widespread. So, what are the physical manifestations that indicate that you can’t drink alcohol?

1. Drinking blush

When friends gather, during holidays or at work, many people will drink a few glasses, but drinking alcohol will cause harm to the body , some phenomena mean that you can’t drink alcohol, for exampleyou will blush as soon as you drink alcohol, this situation means that you lack the enzyme to break down alcohol, under the same conditions, metabolize alcohol slower than others.

Some people’s complexion will not change no matter how much they drink, but some people’s face turns red when they drink alcohol. It is the performance of being able to drink. In fact, the production of enzymes that decompose alcohol is reduced, so the metabolism rate is very slow after drinking, which changes the color of the skin.

2. Pain in the liver area

People who drink alcohol frequently Afterwards, it will increase the burden of liver metabolism. As the main metabolic site, once you drink too much alcohol, always drink strong alcohol.The liver cells will be damaged, and there is a risk of degeneration and necrosis, eventually leading to severeliver disease.

If your health is already affected, you will easily feel discomfort in the part where the liver is located after drinking alcohol. The common phenomenon is Dull pain in liver area, dull pain. If this phenomenon occurs repeatedly, it means thatthe liver has been damaged, besides not drinking alcohol, you should immediately go to the hospital for relevant examinations to make sure that the liver is damaged According to the severity, treatment should be started as soon as the disease develops to prevent the disease from deteriorating and threatening the life and health of the patient.

3. Diarrhea

Many people have diarrheaafter drinking alcohol, they think it is a small problem, it may be in the process of drinking There is no Pay attention to diet, it is caused by eating food and drink indiscriminately, this is one of the reasons, of course, Digestive system function is reduced, and liver damage will also give a warning through diarrhea.

Once the liver is damaged by alcohol, the bile secretion is abnormal, and the digestion ability becomes poor, which may cause diarrhea easily. Alcohol is also irritating to the stomach and intestines. People who always drink alcohol have a decreased digestive system function, and subsequent digestive abnormalities will show abnormal defecation. With these warnings, you should stay away from alcohol and pay attention to physical maintenance.

4. Chest distress

Many people have chest tightness and discomfort after drinking, even where the heart is locatedPain, this situation is relatively dangerous. The heart function of a healthy person remains normal, and the surrounding blood vessels are unobstructed, allowing blood and nutrients to be transported in time.

However, alcohol has a wide range of effects, and it will reach multiple parts along with the blood circulation.It will make a person’sblood pressure fluctuate after drinking alcohol. If the blood pressure is too high, vascular disease is accelerated, and the heart is in a state of insufficient blood supply, corresponding symptoms will appear. Don’t be careless, and you should drink less.