Why is the gray hair getting longer and more? Not necessarily old, check these 4 reasons

For people who pay attention to changes in appearance, it is difficult to accept that they have more and more gray hairs, because the gray hairs are obvious and they look old, and they all hope to have black and beautiful hair. Sometimes by changing the color of the hair, the state makes himself more fashionable. As for what causes the white hair to grow more and more, it needs to be studied clearly, and it is related to some adverse factors, and it can be eliminated as soon as possible to restore the healthy hair state.

1. Lack of nutrients

When most people see more and more gray hairs, their first reaction is aging. In fact, some young people also have obvious gray hairs. It must be caused by aging, and it may also be related to certain nutrient deficiencies.

Maintain good eating habits, ensure the supply of nutrients needed by the human body, and at the same time improve the absorption capacity of nutrients, in order to nourish the body and letThe amount of raw materials for hair synthesis of melanin is sufficient, the melanin is produced, and the hair is naturally black, but if the diet is not appropriate, there will be Picky eaters, vegetarians and other bad behaviors If there is a problem with the digestive system and is not dealt with in time, it will affect the absorption of nutrients in the future, and the hair may turn white.

2. Stay up late for a long time

Sleep for a long time Insufficient, there are always staying up late, plus some people< strong>InsomniaIf the problem is not dealt with, it will affect the hair follicle function when the work and rest are disordered and the body cannot get a good rest.

If you want your hair to be nourished and keep it black, you also need to have enough sleep time every day< /span>Try toBefore 11 o’clockFall asleep on time, with the help of regular work and rest< strong>Regulating endocrine, improving resistance, and anti-aging at the same time, hair is healthier than those who have inappropriate work and rest. However, if the continuous sleep is unreasonable and the insomnia is not resolved as soon as possible, many gray hairs will also grow.

3. Too much pressure

Maintaining physical and mental relaxation and releasing stress in time is the key to maintaining health. But many people are in a state of high pressure for a long time, do not know how to get rid of worries, but are in A state of worry, anxiety. Negative emotions have a wide range of effects. In addition to accelerating aging, it will also reduce immunity , and even lead toendocrine disorders.

If you can divert your attention, learn to talk to others, or do things you are interested in when you are anxious, you can release part of the pressure Otherwise, excessive mental stress for a long time will easily lead to mental health problems ,White hair will grow more and more.

4. Influenced by genetic factors

Some people have obvious gray hair, and many white hairs grow out when they are young. In fact, it is genetic Factors affect. On the premise of correct diet, no stress and proper work and rest, the body will naturally function normally, and the premise of health is still guaranteed. Gray hair still grows. It is necessary to judge whether it is related to genetics Factors.

In some families, many people have gray hair when they are young, less than 60 years old may have silver hair, this situation is likely to begenetics In trouble, gray hair will appear in advance due to the decline in hair follicle function and the decrease in melanin production.