Zhong Nanshan: It is very important to protect immunity! 7 Habits Destroy Immunity, Many People Get Hit

Zhong Nanshan said that it is very important to protect immunity! Especially in this special period! Let’s talk today, 7 common habits in life will destroy your immunity, and many people will be recruited! Take a quick look!

The immune system is equivalent to the bodyguard, which can effectively resist the cleaning of viruses and ensure the health of the body. For friends who are poor in physique and often get sick easily, it is caused by problems with immunity. Many people don’t know that these 7 habits in life can damage the immune system. What are the habits? Come take a look.

1. Often stay up late.

Many people have the habit of staying up late. The reason why they stay up late is related to many factors. Some people are under too much pressure, and some are staying up late to work overtime. But no matter what the reason is, if you often stay up late, it will also affect your physical condition, causing a variety of problems such as lowered resistance, low mood, and lack of concentration.

2. I don’t like sports.

Among some young people, they usually don’t like sports. I will work hard during the day, and I still need to spend a certain amount of time on the road after get off work. It is already eight or nine o’clock when I get home after dinner and pack up. At this time, they just want to lie on the sofa and watch dramas or play games, and they don’t want to exercise at all. But regular inactivity can also damage the immune system and increase the risk of disease.

3. Drug abuse.

People are very fragile and are easily affected by the external environment. When the external environment is hot and cold, they will get sick. At this time, some people will use drugs for treatment. However, the abuse of drugs can also damage the immune system, especially some drugs such as antibiotics are more destructive to the immune system than ordinary drugs.

4. I don’t like drinking water.


Drinking water is good for your health. More than 70% of the human body is composed of water. For an adult, it is necessary to maintain a daily drinking volume of 2000 ml. Drinking water regularly can improve the body’s resistance, speed up the metabolic cycle in the body, and can also reduce the accumulation of toxins in the intestines. For friends who don’t like to drink water, their immune system will also be affected, which will lead to a decrease in resistance.

5. Passive smoking.

As we all know, smoking is harmful to health, but second-hand smoke is more harmful than first-hand smoke. Relevant studies have found that second-hand smoke contains more than 40 carcinogenic ingredients. Regular exposure to second-hand smoke will cause accumulation of cancer in the body, damage the immune system, and increase the risk of cancer.

6. Too much pressure.

Want to survive in this society , you need to bear a certain amount of pressure, each person’s pressure is also different, if the pressure is too high, it may cause various problems, the most common is emotional problems, emotional instability, upset Confusion, poor sleep, etc. Excessive stress may also damage the immune system, which may allow bacteria to take advantage of it.

7. Poor eating habits.

After reading the above content, I believe everyone has already understood the habits that destroy immunity. If you also If these habits exist, you need to get rid of them in time, so as to enhance your body’s immunity and ensure your health.