If you get a handful of clear running water and moisten the gold, you will shine. This training class is over!

On the afternoon of November 24th, the second phase of the “Binjiang Party Building·Financial Bund” financial training institute was completed The ceremony was held at Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University. More than 30 students from the “Binjiang Party Building·Financial Bund” Regional Party Building Joint Conference reviewed the learning courses, exchanged learning experiences, and looked forward to the development of the industry. Qian Jun, Executive Dean of Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan, Professor of Finance, Li Wen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Universal Fund Management Co., Ltd., Chairman of Shanghai Asset Management Association, and the Organization Department of the District Party Committee, the Bund Investment Group, District Relevant responsible comrades of the Socialist Party Working Committee attended the meeting.

At the closing ceremony, the District Party Committee Organization Department fully affirmed the success of the second class. The study courses of this seminar are closely related to the main responsibility and main business, with sufficient gold content, close to the current political reality, strong leadership, close to openness and win-win, deep integration, and relying on the “flowing water” of resources from all parties, to build a good party building A platform for interactive discussion and promotion and expansion under the guidance. I look forward to the continuous use of the acquired knowledge by all the students to ignite the prairie fire that gathers talents; I look forward to the financial training institute continuing to nourish the talents at the lintel and become a place of peace of mind; I look forward to the win-win cooperation and the boost Huangpu has become the pioneer of high-quality development.

Qian Jun congratulated the students on their successful completion of their studies. He said that Fudan Fanhai International School of Finance, as one of the first member units of the “Binjiang Party Building•Financial Bund” Regional Party Building Joint Conference, has always assumed the role of the “Financial Huangpu” think tank and promoted the “Second Facade of the Bund” Urban renewal construction. In the future, the college will use the “Financial Training Institute” platform to create brand projects with the characteristics of the financial Bund, better play the leading role of the red engine, and actively help the construction of the Bund financial agglomeration belt.

Before the ceremony, Li Wen was awarded the certificate of specially invited tutor and shared the theme of “the development trend and prospect of the asset management industry”. The experts and scholars at the meeting had a round table discussion. All 38 students successfully completed the course and were awarded certificates of completion, and 4 students were awarded certificates of outstanding students.

In the future, the Institute of Finance will make good use of the “Riverside Party Building·Financial Bund” Regional Party Building Joint Conference, Fanhai International School of Finance of Fudan University and the red resources of Huangpu District, three pools of “living water” to continuously polish the courses Brand, strive to build a learning and exchange platform that financial talents yearn for, and demonstrate new achievements in financially boosting the high-quality development of Huangpu.