If the spleen is deficient, the life will be deficient. The acupoints for tonifying the spleen are the best to use. One for spleen deficiency and one for calcium supplementation should not be missed.

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The spleen is the foundation of the acquired nature. Why? Because the spleen is the main source of transportation and transformation, and the source of qi and blood biochemistry. So moisture is formed.

There is another problem that will cause us to not absorb calcium and osteoporosis. The 2 acupoints for nourishing the spleen that I shared today, one for calcium and the other for the spleen, are the original and Ying acupoints of the spleen meridian, which are specially for spleen spleen, Taibai and Dadu.

Taibai is the original acupoint of the spleen meridian, and Dadu acupoint is the Ying point of the spleen meridian. They are both double acupoints. They are located on the inner side of the big toe, one behind the other.

When selecting acupuncture points, a good way is to stretch out the sole of the foot, lift the big toe, and you will find a high bone. The depression behind the metatarsal bone is Taibai Point, and the depression in front of Gaogu is Dadu Point.

Taibai Point, the name is very atmospheric, too, and the same size, which means vast and wide; white, meaning that the east is white in the morning, and Taibaixing is the morning star.

In ancient myths and stories, Taibaijinxing has a very high status, so taking Taibai as the name of the acupuncture point also shows that this acupoint is highly respected and has the meaning of nourishing the internal organs.

The function of the spleen just has the function of generating and transporting fresh qi and blood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “if the blood is not right, all the five internal organs will be sick; if the blood is harmonious, all diseases will not invade”, which is exactly the truth.

Taibai acupoint is the original acupoint of the spleen meridian of the foot taiyin, which is specially designed to supplement the spleen deficiency!

And another acupuncture point for spleen supplementation is also the Dadu point for calcium supplementation experts. The meaning is here to describe the concentration of qi and blood; the meaning of gathering.

This acupoint is the Ying acupoint on the spleen meridian. Ying controls the body heat, not only dissipates spleen heat, but also helps the spleen meridian to generate meridian qi; the spleen absorbs and strengthens the spleen, so Dadu acupoint, to the spleen, is like a large The role of the housekeeper (all-inclusive).

Dadu Point: It can be used as the big housekeeper of the spleen, helping the spleen govern digestion and absorption. It can help absorb calcium in food, so that the nutrition of calcium is supplemented through food. Why is the human body deficient in calcium? It is not because the calcium tablets are eaten less, but because the body does not absorb them, which is the real reason for calcium deficiency.

The symptoms of spleen deficiency, see if you have it?

1, drooling when sleeping at night (this is called spleen not taking in body fluid, that is, the spleen cannot take in these body fluids, it flows out on its own);

2. There are tooth marks on both sides of the tongue; the tongue body is fat; there is more water on the tongue coating;

3. ​​After eating Abdominal distension and indigestion after a while;

4. Cold hands and feet, blood circulation not at the end;

5. Female Metrorrhagia, incessant menstrual flow, unable to take pictures; dizziness because qi and blood cannot reach the head, and so on.

6. There is a lot of flesh on the arms and abdomen, and they are all loose, fat and drooping, and the complexion is yellow, (the spleen controls the muscles, The color of the disease is yellow, so it is also caused by spleen deficiency)

If you have the above symptoms, you can try massaging these two acupoints.

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