How to eat three meals to reduce sugar and lose weight?

Do people who go to work or who order takeaways often use a bowl of braised pork rice and fried sauce? Noodles or fried rice to solve a meal?

These meals are “high sugar, low fiber” , low protein”, if you want to use a sugar-reduced diet to lose weight, you can’t achieve it by reducing the amount. You can adjust the content of the three meals to avoid falling into the high-sugar crisis, reduce sugar and enjoy weight loss!

Remember the weight loss method that flourished in 2018 – the “ketogenic diet”? Some people find that implementation is difficult, resulting in unsustainable implementation, and the next best thing is to change to “sugar reduction diet”, and the issue of “sugar reduction” in the past two years has gradually attracted attention and has become a topic of discussion.

Today I will teach you how to choose the right three meals. Let the takeaways no longer have to worry about the dilemma of not being able to lose weight.

Eating less is a sugar-reducing diet? Good fat intake is the key

When implementing a sugar-reduced diet , the liver will metabolize fat and convert it into “ketone bodies”, and the effect of this by-product is to suppress appetite, and intermittent fasting is naturally implemented. Because the amount of carbohydrates eaten is reduced, blood sugar fluctuations become lower. When insulin The fluctuation is lower, there is a better fat loss effect.

However, if you just halve the rice for every meal or don’t eat starch for dinner, just reduce the calories That’s it, there is no correct sugar reduction. In fact, while reducing starch (reducing the daily sugar intake from 55% of the average person’s total calories to 20~40%), it is necessary to increase the intake ratio of other nutrients.

For example, it is recommended to take 20~30% of protein, 400~600g of vegetables can be eaten without limit, and most of the remaining nutritional ratio is reserved for fat (about 30~60% of fat). ), so a sugar-reduced diet is a high-fat diet, which is what most people misunderstand.

However, high fat does not mean that all oils are good, but good intake Oils, fish oil, and fish meat are good choices, such as salmon, tuna, milkfish, etc. For general vegetable oils, choose olive oil, linseed oil, sacha or avocado oil, and drizzle it on salads or It is enough to add it to the cooking, and good fat can also increase the feeling of satiety, and it will not make people feel hungry too quickly.

Takeaways should reduce sugar to feel full and increase protein intake

Roughly divide fat-reducing calories into three sections, namely 1300 calories, 1500 calories, and 1800 calories. Girls are about 1300~1500 calories, and boys are 1500~1800 calories. This is approximately estimated value.

Because outside restaurants are unlikely to use too good oil, and in order to make the food delicious , the amount of oil used is mostly excessive, so unless you cook by yourself, takeaways still need to reduce the intake of oil, at most, add vegetable oil about the size of a ten-dollar coin at home, plus a portion of nuts about the size of a thumb .

On a sugar-reduced diet, protein needs to be 1.5 to 2 times body weight, if For a person weighing 50kg, it is recommended to eat 75 to 100 grams of protein.

According to an egg containing 7 grams of protein, it is equivalent to eating nearly 14 eggs a day. However, of course, not only eggs, but soybeans, fish, chicken, etc. Different protein sources, it should be noted that there is no need to worry about the sugar-reduced diet will not be full, if you are not full, you may be eating in the wrong way.

High protein foods are recommended to eat beans, fish, eggs, meat, and beans include edamame , black beans, soybeans, as well as derived tofu, soy milk, dried tofu, etc.; and then meat.

If animal protein and plant protein are subdivided, It is recommended to take half and half.

For long-term health, white meat (fish, chicken) is recommended eat more than red meat,The ratio is about 7:3.

The nutritionist teaches you to eat breakfast like this For lunch and dinner, avoid fat mines

160 cm, For example, a 35-year-old woman who is 65 kg wants to lose weight to 55 kg. If she consumes 1,600 calories per day, and sets the daily intake of 1,300 calories, the total daily calorie difference is 300 calories.

About 7700 calories to lose 1 kg, because If you want to lose 10 kilograms, you need to consume about 77,000 calories. It is estimated that it will take 9 months to lose weight. If you want to speed up the weight loss, you must increase the amount of exercise.

However, don’t just look at weight to lose weight, you should pay attention to body composition and muscle building. The focus is on fat loss, not just weight loss.

Because of the same height, weight and age, more muscles, People with less body fat and people with less muscle and more body fat look completely different.


For breakfast, you can eat sweet potatoes and tea eggs. Eggs are the best source of protein. They are cheap and easy to ingest. It is very suitable to choose an egg-based breakfast.

If you choose omelettes, hamburgers and sandwiches, filling If you can add vegetables, add them, and avoid them without sauces. Don’t choose fried foods as the staple food. Fried chicken, fried pork chops, French fries, and hash browns are all foods that need to be avoided. You can choose tuna or smoked chicken to increase protein intake. .

In terms of beverages, unsweetened soy milk is recommended because of its high protein content, health, and Increase protein intake.

If you have high-protein supplements at home, you can also Used to make up for insufficient protein.


It is suggested that takeaways can go to buffets, small hot pot restaurants, and convenience supermarkets to dine, so that they can choose the ingredients they want to eat.

Suppose you go to a buffet, in order to reduce sugar, you can Tell the boss that the rice is only 1/3 or halved.

The side dish must choose vegetables, because the side dish There are many mines, which may be processed products such as black wheel and rice blood, or starchy foods such as pumpkin and corn. Do not choose dishes with too much sauce, and do not include green vegetables at the bottom, because they suck a lot of bad ones. Oil and soup.

Of course, the main dish cannot be fried. You can choose steamed or grilled food. It is recommended At the same time as less rice, protein is added, so it is equivalent to ordering a “double main course”, you can order fish or chicken.

Choose big bone soup or clear soup in the soup section, if It’s not good for hot and sour soup and other thick soups.

Snack Bar Eating and Calorie Reduction Guidelines

1. The biggest problem of snack bars is that there are a lot of carbohydrates in the meal. It is recommended to increase the protein and reduce the proportion of carbohydrates as much as possible.

2. If the choice is rice and noodles, it is recommended to choose rice because there are fewer processing steps.

3. Soup noodles are better than dry noodles because ordering soup noodles can remove the oil on them.

4. For cartilage, choose to eat chicken rice or a bowl of noodle soup. In order to increase the intake of vegetables, the side dishes must be green vegetables, and do not pour sauce or dry meat marinade.

5. If you want to get protein, choose preserved egg tofu, dried bean curd, liver lentils, or viscera soup.

Sugar dieters can What to eat to satisfy your hunger?

If you buy from a supermarket, you can choose chawanmushi, tea eggs, Unsweetened yogurt.

It is best to choose high-protein snacks, such as protein bar or whey protein.

Soy products are good for sugar reduction Therefore, less processed tofu, soy milk, and dried tofu are also suitable for satisfying cravings.