The 5 bad habits of men “carcinoma”, drinking is the second, most people often do

Over the years, many people have noticed that there are more and more cancer patients around us. Academician Fan Daiming once mentioned in a program on Beijing Satellite TV: Now, one out of every five cancer patients in the world is a Chinese patient; and in China, one out of every five people who die is a cancer patient.

Cancer not only causes great harm to the body, but also the treatment cost is very expensive, which is a huge blow to many families.

Nowadays, cancer has become a common and frequently-occurring disease. The top 5 cancer incidence rates in the world are lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer. In China, the incidence of lung cancer is also the highest. The reason why the number of people suffering from cancer is increasing year by year is closely related to people’s bad living and eating habits.


Causes of Cancer< /strong>

①Living habits: At present, it is relatively clear that smoking is closely related to the occurrence of cancer, and about 1/3 of cancer is associated with Patients are associated with smoking, which is a well-known risk factor for lung cancer.

②Natural and biological factors: Natural factors can also cause cancer. Conditions can cause skin cancer.

③Environmental pollution and occupational: The pollution of air, drinking water and food can cause serious harm to human beings, and air pollution can damage In our airways, repeated damage can induce cancerous cells, and food spoilage can produce a large number of carcinogens, which can induce cancer in the body. The common one is aflatoxin, which can induce liver cancer.

④Chronic irritation and trauma: Trauma and local chronic irritation such as chronic skin ulcers and borderline nevus may occur cancerous.

⑤ Iatrogenic factors such as ionizing radiation, X-rays, radionuclides, etc. can induce tumors.

⑥ Genetic factors, endocrine factors, immune factors, etc.


Top 5 “cancer” in men Bad habit, drinking is the second most frequent practice

[bad eating habits]< /strong>

As the saying goes, “disease comes from the mouth”, and the relationship between diet and cancer is inseparable. High cholesterol diet will increase the risk of lung cancer and bladder cancer; high energy and high carbohydrates, increase the risk of breast cancer and endometrial cancer; like to eat pickled, fermented and grilled food, are closely related to the occurrence of cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that the incidence of oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer and primary liver cancer are all associated with adverse Diet-related, so eat less unhealthy diet in daily life, which is beneficial to your health.

【Health Products】

For their own health, many men maintain the secretion of androgens in the body, and use health care products and nutritional products to nourish the body. However, if they eat health care products regularly, they will Make the body dependent, and health care products contain a lot of hormones and toxins, which not only will not bring health to the body, but will also endanger it.

< strong>【Sauna】

Many men like to take a sauna to relieve physical fatigue, but the sauna is too long or Frequent sauna use will actually cause harm to the body, especially for men’s prostate glands. Men who use saunas frequently are more likely to suffer from kidney cancer.

【Long-term smoking and drinking】

Smoking and drinking have almost become the habit of men, but men who regularly smoke and drink suffer from The probability of lung cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer and other cancers is higher, and men who often smoke and drink will be older than their peers, which will harm the internal organs of the body.

[stay up late]

stay up late It is easy to get cancer. Staying up late will make the body tired, fatigued, and endocrine disorders, which will lead to the gradual deterioration of cells. If the body does not have a rest, it will disrupt the endocrine system and increase the probability of cancer.

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