Is mutton the “hair” of uterine fibroids? Director of Gynecology: Please be merciful with these 6 things

For female friends, the most troublesome thing is gynecological diseases. Now the most common gynecological diseases are uterine fibroids. I don’t know much about uterine fibroids Some people feel that the sky is falling because they are afraid of getting involved with cancer.

In fact, uterine fibroids are benign tumors. Women suffering from uterine fibroids should not panic. If your body does not cause any discomfort, you can carry out conservative treatment and check and observe the situation regularly.

The uterus is a very important organ of a woman’s body. Many physiological health and new life are inseparable from the uterus. So the work of maintaining the uterus is very important.


What is uterine fibroids?

Literally, there is a tumor in the uterus, according to the location of the tumor growth Different, the name is also different, such as long in the cervix is ​​uterine fibroids, long in the cervical mucosa is submucosal fibroids.

The tumors vary in size and number, which not only affect menstruation, but also cause anemia and abdominal pain , After the tumor grows to a certain extent, women will feel a mass in the abdomen. If the tumor is squeezed to the bladder, women will have frequent urination.

Infertile women, emotionally disturbed women, obese women, women who have taken hormone drugs It is easy to suffer from uterine fibroids, and regular follow-up is enough after suffering from uterine fibroids. The effect of drug treatment is not obvious, so it is generally not used.

If the tumor changes If it is very large, it affects the bladder, and urination causes severe abdominal pain, then resection can be considered. In addition, women with a family history of uterine cancer must pay attention to it.


Is mutton the “hair” of uterine fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors. Many people think that mutton belongs to hair. After suffering from uterine fibroids, you can’t eat mutton, otherwise it will promote the development of the disease, so can patients with uterine fibroids really not eat mutton?

In fact, patients with uterine fibroids can safely eat mutton, but pay attention to the intake, do not eat too much, Mutton can resist wind and cold and nourish the body. It is very suitable for eating in winter. It is called a winter tonic and is very popular among people.

if female Suffering from uterine fibroids, but if you want to eat mutton, you can choose to steam, cook and stew instead of roasted mutton, because mutton may produce harmful substances during the roasting process, which increases the risk of cancer.

Patients with uterine fibroids should pay attention to adjusting their diet, and try to keep their mouths shut about the following foods, otherwise It can cause uterine fibroids to get bigger and bigger, and even put pressure on the uterus.


Director of Gynecology Department: These 6 things, please be merciful

Cold food

People like to eat ice cream and iced watermelon in summer, but for female friends with uterine fibroids, it is recommended to eat less cold watermelon Food, so as not to stimulate the uterus, causing abdominal pain, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

Spicy Strongly irritating food

Female friends who like to eat spicy hot pot should pay attention. Try to keep your mouth shut for these spicy and irritating foods, because these foods can stimulate fibroids and are not conducive to the health of the uterus.

hormone-containing food

Foods such as donkey-hide gelatin and royal jelly are rich in nutrients and contain hormones, so female friends should eat them carefully, especially women with uterine fibroids. Foods containing hormones are equivalent to providing nutrients to fibroids, making them grow bigger and bigger.

Foods high in fat

Many women like to eat Western food, such as hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken and desserts, etc. There is a lot of fat in these foods. Out of shape, but also affect the health of the uterus.

Eating a lot Fatty food will cause endocrine disorders in the body, leading to endometrial hyperplasia and cancer, so women with uterine fibroids must keep their mouths shut and eat less fatty foods.

Superior hot food< /p>

Excessive fire in the body will cause the body to get angry, especially for women. The body temperature is lower than that of boys. After winter, it is easy to have cold hands and feet, so many women I will eat some blood-enriching and blood-enhancing foods to replenish my body, such as longan and donkey-hide gelatin.

Women with uterine fibroids should not eat hot food with great tonic, because the menstrual flow is relatively heavy If you eat too much food and eat blood-promoting food, it will lead to anemia.

Acidic Food< /span>

Acidic food has the effect of astringent and astringent, and patients with uterine fibroids continue to bleed due to uterine stimulation During the process of uterine fibroids, it will lead to aggravated blood stasis, and a large amount of blood stasis in the uterus will increase the risk of bacterial infection, so patients with uterine fibroids should try not to eat acidic foods, such as lemons, pickles, vinegar garlic, etc.