I saved a box of Moutai 10 years ago. I opened it today. It smells bad. It seems to be broken. What’s the matter?

The longer the liquor is stored, the more fragrant it will be?

Yes and no! 10 years ago, the author’s daughter was born, and I saved a box of Moutai. I wanted to drink it until she got married, but I couldn’t resist opening it today, but it smelled bad, like it was broken. What’s going on?

After asking a sommelier, he said: It’s so naive! It is a false proposition that the longer the liquor is stored, the more fragrant it will be. There is an innate condition for wanting to keep it more fragrant, and these two kinds of wine are more difficult to drink as they are stored. It is a waste of money and you can’t drink good wine. Know!

The first type: low-alcohol liquor

The reason why liquor can The longer it is stored, the more fragrant it is because some subtle physical and chemical changes have taken place between the wine molecules.

For these changes to happen, there must be a good environment, the alcohol content is the basis of the environment, which is why liquor with a content of more than 10 degrees The reason why the shelf life can not be marked.

However, despite this, liquor does not become more fragrant as it is stored. High-alcohol liquor has strong stability, and it is no problem to age for decades. A virtuous circle can be maintained.

As for low-alcohol wine, it can be aged for a short period of time. The taste has changed, most of them will become slight, some will have smell, and dogs will not drink it.

The second type: Alcoholic wine

Alcoholic wine, the raw materials contain essence, spices and other substances, In principle, it does not belong to liquor strong>.

In the past, this kind of wine was misunderstood in the market, but after June 1 this year, it is no longer included in the ranks of liquor, and can only be called “flavored wine”.

However, although this regulation has been promulgated, there are still many people who don’t know it and still regard this wine as Baijiu, and many people don’t even know that it is flavored wine, especially the older generation, who never drank it when they were young, and are often caught off guard. These marks of flavored wine must be kept in mind:

①Label: GB/T20821, GB/T20822.

②Process: Liquid method, solid-liquid method

③Raw material: Contains “edible alcohol, spices, sucrose Su” and so on.

Then what kind of wine will “keep more fragrant”?

It is generally recommended to choose altitude, grain wine, sauce-flavored liquor.

Grain wine is the premise of wine storage, and the degree is above 50 degrees. At this time, the internal environment of the wine is relatively stable, which is conducive to the combination of wine molecules. As for why it is sauce-flavored Baijiu is actually related to the characteristics of this wine.

It is said that a good soy sauce wine contains more than 1600 kinds of aromatic substances, and these substances will have more prominent characteristics after being aged.

Take” Gui Changchun “ In terms of brewing, this wine is brewed using the same Daqu Kunsha technique as Feitian. It has been brewed for 1 year and cellared for 6 years, so that the wine is not irritating, not spicy, but fragrant!The soy sauce is outstanding, full-bodied and full-bodied, with endless aftertaste. If it is aged for a few more years, the wine will be more mellow.

However, compared with other wines on the market, this wine is extraordinary even if it is not aged , thanks to the rich background of the old winery, before leaving the factory, this wine must be marked with 10-year seasoning old wine, and the wine body has achieved the ultimate in terms of coordination and aroma.< /p>

Moreover, this wine is produced in an old winery, which was built in 1953 and in 1981. This wine is a fusion of 13 Moutai Excellent strain, born in the world, with a golden key in it, has won the love of wine lovers and connoisseurs as soon as it leaves the factory.

This not only makes the wine win many gold awards and silver awards in important liquor tasting conferences Award and recommendation award, which allowed the winery to get a large number of orders and become a well-known local “big taxpayer”. .

Of course, if you want to keep the wine more delicious, in addition to choosing the right wine, Pay attention to these too!

①Constant temperature, the most suitable temperature for wine storage is around 20°.

②Constant humidity, it is best to keep a certain humidity at the wine storage temperature, not too dry or too humid.

③Keep away from pollution sources, such as pesticides and other substances. Wine is volatile and improperly stored.

Okay, the article is over here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone~