good news! Blessed are those who retire this year, with more money! 5 signs your pensions are on the rise

Good news! Blessed are those who retire this year, with more money! 5 signs that pensions are going up! In the blink of an eye, 2023 is coming, and those who will retire this year or have not retired for a long time in 2022 are most concerned about whether their pensions can increase, which is very critical.

Because it is related to whether their retirement life can be better, in fact, the pension has been It is rising, and five signals have been released recently, indicating that pensions will rise steadily. Do you know all of this information? If you don’t know, let’s take a look together.

1. The overall number of insurance participants is increasing

In fact, with the overall planning of the province, more and more people know the importance of social security and know Pension insurance is actually set by the state for residents to get a better life after retirement, so more and more people pay for pension insurance. And not only has the pension insurance for employees increased, but more and more people are migrating to cities for work, and more and more people are paying social insurance. Especially this year, the total number of people participating in the insurance has broken through a new high. Someone has to ask, what good does this do for pensioners? In fact, the more people who pay social security, the greater the pension balance, so the pensions of those who receive pensions will rise.

2. The overall economy of the country is picking up

When the country’s economy develops better, the pension benefits will also improve, and we can enjoy more good perks. Although affected by force majeure, my country’s economy has been affected to a certain extent, but with effective management and control, I believe that the future economy will continue to pick up, which will also help work and life go smoothly, and pensions are also in the situation of Guotai Minan There will be a continuous upward trend.

According to statistics, in September this year, the overall pension income in my country was greater than the expenditure. Coupled with the protection of our country’s huge population base, we have such a huge accumulation, and the increase in pensions is also necessary.

5. In order to maintain the psychological balance of the people

In fact, the pension has experienced 18 increases in the past few years. IfThis year’s sudden increase will not be fair to those who have just retired. Therefore, in order to maintain the psychological balance of the people, I believe there will still be some increase in pensions.

But objectively speaking, the increase in pensions will not be too high. Although the pension is expected to rise, the rate of increase will not be too high. Many people speculate that the rate of increase will decrease. Is this possible? There are currently 2 reference conditions, you can take a look, the possibility is quite high.

1. The scale of enterprises is actually shrinking in general.

Nowadays, there are many small enterprises. This directly leads to many people being unemployed, and once unemployed, some people will choose to stop paying social security in order to ensure their quality of life. This may lead to fewer people paying social insurance for employees. After the base of this insurance is lowered, even if the overall pension increases, it will be affected by this and will not increase too much.

2. Population aging is still relatively serious

In recent years, the number of newborns has grown less and less, and this year may be the biggest wave of retirement , the aging of the country is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal payment of pensions, there may be a bottom-line measure. Although it will increase, it will not increase too much.