I often feel dry eyes, maybe your body lacks this kind of thing, not tears

Many people with “oil-lack” dry eye are very confused. Many people subconsciously think that dry eye means that the eyes are “lack of water”, and they only need to “replenish water”. The eyes are “lack of oil”, and even more of these people.

Our eyes secrete tears, and tears form a layer of tear film on the surface of our eyes. It is composed of three components, namely oil, water, and mucus. protein.

Problems in any layer of the tear film, or uneven distribution can lead to abnormal rupture and evaporation of the tear film.

Without the protection and moisturizing of the tear film, the eyes will easily become dry, which will cause dry eyes over time. And what we call “oil” actually refers to the lipid secreted by the meibomian glands (the ducts in the upper and lower eyelids), and its main function is to “lock water and moisturize”.

If the meibomian glands are dysfunctional or the ducts are blocked, “oil” cannot be secreted, and the lipid layer in the tear film is defective, the water-locking function will be destroyed, and the tear fluid will The evaporation rate will increase by 4 times.

Tears evaporate too quickly and the eyes gradually become dry.

The reasons why the meibomian glands cannot secrete oil are:

❶, systemic factors, such as Sjögren’s syndrome, Aging, etc.;

❷, staring at the screen for a long time, the number of blinks decreases, or when blinking, the upper eyelid does not completely touch the lower eyelid, and the meibomian glands are not fully squeezed , The secretion is not smooth.

❸. Excessive eye use for a long time and eye makeup not removed will lead to blockage of meibomian gland ducts;

❹ 1. Mite infection, the opening of the meibomian glands is blocked by mites and their secretions, and the mites can also cause inflammation, resulting in smaller openings of the meibomian glands.

No matter what type of dry eye, the symptoms are dry eyes, burning sensation, foreign body sensation, etc. How do you know if you are “deficient”? Water” or “lack of oil”?

This requires a dry eye examination to analyze and judge.

Dry eye common inspection items include: tear film break-up time, tear river height, tear secretion test, mite inspection, meibomian gland function test, Lipid layer analysis, etc.


Tear secretion test: Generally, tear secretion exceeds 10mm within 5 minutes, and less than 5mm Belonging to less tears


The meibomian glands are distributed in the eyelids in parallel vertical lines, and the meibomian glands are long-term Blockage will gradually appear bending deformation, even shrinkage and loss

The “missing How to treat oily dry eyes?

The treatment of this type of dry eye is mainly to dredge the meibomian glands and activate the function of the meibomian glands. Common treatment methods are:

01 Meibomian gland hot compress massage

Hot compress can dredge meibomian gland at the same time , increase eye moisture.

Massage along the discharge direction of the meibomian glands, which can discharge the oil softened by hot compresses and blocked secretions, so as to dredge the secretion ducts of the meibomian glands and improve quickly Meibomian gland status.

Generally, patients with mild symptoms can feel the relief of symptoms immediately after massage. If the symptoms are severe, the meibomian glands should be massaged regularly.

It is recommended to go to a professional eye hospital for hot compress massage.

● On the one hand, it is difficult to control the temperature when applying hot compresses by yourself. If the temperature is too low, it cannot achieve the effect of softening the meibum, and if it is too high, it may cause burns.

On the other hand, meibomian gland massage cannot be practiced by oneself, it must be operated by professionals.

02 OPT Intense Pulsed Light

OPT stands for Optimized Pulse Light Technology, which is a pulsed, high-intensity The wide-spectrum light is internationally recognized as an effective treatment method for meibomian gland dysfunction dry eye.

Its photon energy can penetrate the epidermis of the eye and directly heat the meibomian glands in the meibomian glands, unclog the meibomian glands at the bottom of the cheek, and stimulate cells to revive the atrophied meibomian glands Gland, restore meibomian gland function.

OPT can also precisely “detonate” hemoglobin to seal capillaries, inhibit the spread of inflammatory factors, and simultaneously kill bacteria and mites.

● Generally speaking, OPT usually needs to be treated once every half a month to a month, and only after 3-4 times of treatment can a good effect be achieved.

● Whether to continue the treatment during the period requires a doctor to observe the state of the meibomian glands to decide.

Tips for preventing dry eyes:

① Pay attention to the cleanliness of the eyelids. It’s the root of the eyelashes.

② Do not use your computer or mobile phone continuously for more than 2 hours. Generally, after using your eyes at close range for 20 minutes, you should look at a place 6 meters away for 20 seconds.

③ Blink more consciously when using computers and mobile phones. You can do several sets of blinking exercises every day.

④ Do not use electronic devices when the lights are turned off, and the computer should be placed lower than the eye level, which can reduce tear evaporation.

⑤ Apply hot compress 1-2 times a day, and keep the temperature of the hot compress at around 42 degrees.