What are the dietary precautions after myopia surgery?

Chinese people have a tradition of “food tonic”. Eating well is beneficial to body recovery. Among the many precautions after myopia surgery, diet is also a very important aspect.

So, what are the dietary precautions after surgery?

01 During the recovery period after myopia surgery, you can eat more of these foods

· Supplement protein

After myopia surgery, patients should supplement more protein, protein is good for eye recovery.

Recommended food: lean meat, fish, chicken breast, milk, etc.

Supplement vitamin A

Vitamin A is a raw material for synthesizing rhodopsin, which has photosensitivity , present in the retina.

If there is a lack of vitamin A, the lacrimal gland epithelial cell tissue will be damaged, the secretion will be reduced, and the symptoms of dry eyes after myopia surgery will be aggravated.

A daily intake of a certain amount of vitamin A can help relieve visual fatigue in the early stage of surgery and help vision recover better.

Recommended foods: carrots, celery, spinach, pumpkin, fresh fruit, etc.

·Calcium Supplement

Calcium is not only the main component of bone, but also the main component of sclera. Diet after myopia surgery Also need to pay attention to calcium intake.

Recommended food: eggs, peanuts, dates, bean products, etc.

Zinc supplement

Generally, myopia patients have zinc deficiency, no matter before myopia surgery or myopia surgery After the diet should eat more zinc-rich foods.

Recommended food: kelp, beef, lamb, animal liver, etc.

02 During the recovery period after myopia surgery, these should be avoided< /p>

01 Eat less pungent, sour, and spicy food

In order to reduce eye irritation, eat as little pepper, Ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, hot pot, etc.

Control the intake of high-sugar foods after 2002

Eat less candies, sweets, full-fat cheese and other high-sugar foods .

Try not to eat seafood in the early stage of 03 operation

Seafood is not conducive to wound recovery, usually 2-4 months after surgery After a week, consider eating seafood.

After 04, you need to quit smoking and drinking for at least two weeks

Smoking and drinking are irritating to a certain extent, which is not good for the eyes recovery.

Usually within ten days after myopia surgery, the cornea is still in a state of mild edema, and hormone eye drops are used for a period of time after the operation to make the corneal edema absorb and recover.

Because everyone’s physique is different, the recovery time of the cornea is also different. “The specific time to return to a normal diet depends on the recovery of the individual’s eyes.”