I just shaved my beard in the morning, and it grew out the next morning. The beard grows too fast. What does it mean?

Introduction: Beards are the main manifestation of male secondary sex characteristics. As the age continues to grow, after the male enters puberty, the androgen secretion in the body The amount will gradually increase, and the condition of vigorous hair will be used, and the most obvious one is that men grow beards.

In fact, for male friends, the growth of a beard can reflect a man’s appearance to a certain extent. Most people especially like to grow a beard, because it can modify the shape of the face and make themselves look more masculine.

And some people don’t like beards very much, and feel that growing beards is a very dirty thing , so every morning I would choose a reasonable way to shave off the stubble growing on my face.

And every male Physical fitness is different. Some men grow beards faster and need to shave every day. There are even some male friends who just shave in the morning and grow back the next day.

In fact, the growth rate of beards is nearly twice as fast as that of our hair, which is mainly due to There are some blood vessels on the lips, and the hair in this part, that is, the beard, can get a better supply of nutrients, and the growth rate will naturally be faster.

However, some time ago, it was reported that the number of beards is related to the life expectancy of men. Men with more beards It is easier to live longer, so is this really the case? I just shaved my beard in the morning, and it grew out the next day. What does it mean if the beard grows too fast?

The role of the beard

Although the beard looks useless, it can actually help protect the face from damage. Under normal circumstances, beards on men’s faces can help deal with the weather changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter throughout the year.

In addition, some harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun will not leave dark sunburn spots on the face , men are less likely to suffer from skin diseases.

Besides, men’s beards can effectively reduce the heat dissipation from the body surface in winter, which can bring great benefits in cold winter Good warmth retention.

Generally, men’s beard grows faster than hair, and its main function is to absorb various A variety of harmful gases, such as car exhaust on the street and harmful gases from smoking, will be adsorbed on the beard.

The importance of beards to men is also very obvious, it belongs to the secondary sex characteristics of men, and it is also It symbolizes the health and maturity of men.

beard More men live longer?

Some people have discovered such a problem, that is, the beards of some men are dark and lush when they are young. Compared with other people, the life expectancy will be longer, so it is concluded that men with more beards are more likely to live longer, so is this statement true or false?

The professor of physiology has also done related research, mainly composed of 12 people, 6 1 man with thin beard, and 6 men with thick beard.

Comparative analysis based on their samples, including all the physical injuries and bacteria they suffered in their daily life virus infection etc.

After several months of investigation and observation, it is proved by factual data that men with thick beards hurtThe ability to heal the mouth will be stronger, and the resistance to bacteria and viruses is much higher than the other one, and this is closely related to the level of male hormones in the male body, and has nothing to do with life expectancy.

So men with a lot of beards do not necessarily mean longevity, and longevity is related to many factors.

Morning I just shaved my beard and it grew out the next morning. The beard grows too fast. What does it mean?

Frequent stimulation of hair follicles

Many men find that after shaving, Hu Xu grows back soon. In fact, this may be a problem caused by frequent shaving.

Because the shaving process will easily stimulate the hair follicles and stimulate them repeatedly, it is likely to accelerate the growth of hair. In this way, new beards will easily grow after shaving, which is a very common manifestation, so shaving should also be appropriate and not excessive.

Influence of genetic inheritance

The extent of hair growth is also closely related to genetic factors. Many people think that their hair growth is inherited from their parents.

For example, on parents The stronger the hair, the more likely the offspring will have vigorous hair, so the hair on all parts of the body, including the beard, will be in a relatively vigorous state.

The reason for the lush beard, of which genetic factors account for a large part, there is another problem that needs our attention , that is, the faster the beard is shaved, the faster the growth rate will be.

Strong androgen secretion

Just after shaving in the morning, the beard grows out the next day. The beard grows very fast, and it may be closely related to the endocrine in the body.

After puberty, the male body will secrete more male hormones, and these male hormones will directly act on the body, And it accelerates hair growth.

So in this Under the influence of various factors, the beard growth of men will be very fast, which is closely related to the hormone levels in the body, and it also means that the male hormones in the men’s body are very strong.

Living Environment

< p data-track="35">If the living environment of male friends is relatively close to the chemical plant, then the chemical substances will take the opportunity to invade the hair follicles, and will promote the rapid growth of hair, resulting in hair loss. become more and more vigorous.

For those male friends who smoke regularly, because the stimulation of smoke will easily stimulate hair growth quickly , causing excessive hair growth.

Is there a relationship between the frequency of men’s shaving and their life expectancy?

The famous medical journal “American Journal of Epidemiology” ” previously featured a study by the University of Bristol in South West England.

Researchers at this school conducted a 20-year follow-up study on 2438 middle-aged men, and came to such a result: men who do not shave every day are more likely to have heart disease, Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke.

However, studies have shown that the reason why men who do not shave daily It is easy to have this kind of problem, and it is also closely related to their long-term bad behavior habits, such as staying up late, overeating, smoking, drinking, etc. Therefore, the frequency of men’s shaving and life span can be said to have nothing to do with each other.

Scrape The beard is too troublesome, can it be pulled out by hand?

Now this In a very fast-paced era, everyone’s life is very busy, so many people think that shaving is a troublesome thing, so they want to pull it out by hand.

In fact, this approach is completely wrong. In fact, after pulling out the beard, it will easily grow a beard , The beard grows from the hair follicles. Pulling it out directly by hand will easily damage the hair follicles, and it will also easily induce folliculitis.

So if you want to make your beard grow slower, you can first change your life Ways to stabilize the endocrine system within a reasonable range.

In this way, the growth rate of our beard will become slower, but if the beard is closely related to genetic factors, Then you can go to the hospital for laser surgery, which can directly stimulate the local hair follicles and slow down the growth of the beard.

Conclusion: Finally, I would like to remind everyone that although shaving is commonplace for male friends, But shaving is also very particular. It is not recommended to shave before and after exercise and before taking a bath. The best time to shave is when you get up in the morning.