Daiyue District Brigade of Tai’an Traffic Police Strengthens Emergency Management of Winter Fog Weather

Correspondent Huang Meidi

In winter, the temperature is low, and the dense fog and fog in the area are gradually increasing, which has brought a greater impact on the morning peak travel of the masses. In order to do a good job in traffic emergency management in foggy days and strictly prevent accidents such as traffic jams and multi-vehicle collisions, the Daiyue District Brigade of Tai’an Traffic Police actively took measures to resolutely prevent road traffic jams and accidents caused by heavy fog and dense fog. Ensure that the traffic safety situation in the jurisdiction is stable.

During heavy fog, the brigade strengthened video inspections and road patrols in key periods such as early morning and evening , Grasp road visibility, road conditions, traffic flow and other information at the first time, use police cars to lead the way, turn on police lights, use police car megaphones to remind drivers to slow down, turn on fog lights, etc., to remind drivers to control the speed of vehicles, Guide vehicles to pass in an orderly manner. The police officers on duty are stationed at key intersections, traffic-intensive and accident-prone road sections in the jurisdiction, and adopt a combination of “fixed + mobile” methods to increase their on-duty efforts, and take targeted temporary traffic controls to strictly investigate overcrowding, speeding, Serious traffic violations such as drunk driving and drunk driving, resolutely plug loopholes and eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.

Especially when the morning and evening peaks are heavy and foggy During the time period, the police on duty stood in the middle of the road, dressed in “fluorescent green”, and turned into “indicating lights” in the fog, directing and diverting traffic, and doing their best to ensure the safety of the masses and drivers. At the same time, according to the reality of rainy and foggy areas in winter, the brigade made emergency preparations in advance, strengthened the coordination and linkage mechanism with multiple departments, and strengthened information communication to ensure that in the event of a road traffic accident, the emergency plan can be quickly activated and road traffic control implemented. , Evacuate vehicles at the scene, maintain traffic order at the accident site and surrounding roads, effectively improve emergency response capabilities for emergencies, and minimize the impact of dense fog on traffic.

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