How to refuse to be “rotten” during the epidemic? The British writer, using his experience to pass on 3 tricks

I don’t know when, everyone is more or less showing a rotten mentality.

Especially with the repeated outbreak of the epidemic, various closures, quarantines, etc., both economic and social development and the lives of the people have been greatly affected.

As the saying goes: Any speck of dust that falls on an individual’s head is a specific and minor event.

Because of the economic impact brought about by the epidemic, coupled with the constantly rocking life, many people have fallen into different degrees of negative emotions.

During the pandemic, the number of depressed patients worldwide increased by 27.6%, an increase of more than a quarter

As early as 2021, a study published by the University of Queensland in Australia in the authoritative medical journal “The Lancet” showed that the new crown epidemic has triggered a global surge in major depression and anxiety.

Research shows:Global cases of major depression and anxiety disorders increased by 28% and 26%, respectively, in 2020, with the largest increases in the countries hardest hit by the pandemic.

And of those new major depressive disorder patients, more than 35 million were women and nearly 18 million were men.

During the epidemic, how to escape the “bad” posture?

According to statistics, there are more than 300 million depression patients in the world, and the incidence rate is as high as 11%, which means that 1 in 10 people may be depressed.

British author Matt Haigh suffered from depression at the age of 24. He later overcame his illness, came out of depression, and wrote a best-selling book, Reasons to Live. “.

This book chronicles the pain of his depression, how he healed himself, and finally returned to a normal life.

Matt identifies three characteristics of depression: invisibility, lack of affect, and self-destructiveness.

From the outside, you can’t tell the difference between a depressed person and a normal person. Because depression is a psychological disease, others cannot feel the pain in the patient’s heart at all.

They have a lack of sexiness, a loss of enthusiasm for life, and a lack of interest in everything, no matter how beautiful things, patients cannot experience. When depression reaches a certain degree of severity, the patient cannot get rid of the pain, cannot live a normal life, and may experience self-harm and suicide.

How did Matt heal himself?

After he was diagnosed with depression, he started dealing with depression. During my illness, I looked back on my healing experience and did 3 things to fight depression:

One, receiving treatment for depression

Reflect on your own life experiences, especially those that caused you great psychological trauma. There are many unpleasant experiences in life that make patients very insecure, but don’t be afraid.

In fact, anyone can suffer from depression. For example, some celebrities such as Lincoln, Hemingway, and Van Gogh suffered from depression.

No matter how bad you have been, learn to love yourself, start paying attention to your body and feelings, stop escaping depression, face its existence, deal with that group of negative emotions, change Distorted cognition, wrong stereotypes and behavioral patterns.

Two, actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment

It is very important to see a doctor. After all, doctors are more professional and will prescribe medicines according to the specific conditions of patients with depression. If you have any problems with your body, please talk to the doctor in time and conduct multiple psychological consultations.Inquiries, but also regular visits to the hospital for review.

The doctor prescribes some antidepressant drugs, such as Prozac, Zoloft, etc., which can be adjusted and increased or decreased according to the condition.

However, the drug has a certain course of treatment, and it cannot solve the problem in one or two days. You need to keep taking the drug. If the effect is not obvious, you can find some other new ways to treat the disease.

Third, start self-healing

In addition, there are many ways to treat depression, such as writing, traveling, yoga, meditation, and more.

For patients with depression, they must bravely accept the reality, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and maintain healthy living habits in order to get out of the dark.

Furthermore, when a depressed patient develops symptoms of anxiety, it often puts the patient’s mind in a fast-forward state, and in order to cure depression, it is necessary to slow down.

When the pace of life and work slows down, anxiety and depression are automatically relieved.

Refuse to “smash”, refuse to “break”

Nowadays, the word “rotten” is regarded as a kind of self-mockery of young people in the spirit of pleasing themselves, admitting their own inadequacies, reconciling with themselves, and finding a decent place for their laxity Excuse.

Liu Zhenyun once said: “Everything in the world can’t stand scrutiny, and when scrutinized, everything hides grievances.”

Under the heavy pressure of the epidemic, perhaps in the eyes of depressed patients, the world is already gray.

But positive psychology tells us that everything is intentional, that stress fuels our vitality, and bad emotions lead us to the root cause of our problems.

So maybe no one knows when the pandemic will end.

However, we might as well learn to introduce our own limitations, and we might as well realize the extraordinary value of the impermanence of life and the extraordinary value of living in the moment during this time of shutdown.

Wait for the haze to dissipate, you and I meet, let’s go see the world we haven’t seen before!