These 6 types of people are high-risk groups of breast cancer, you must pay attention

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor among women in my country, but it is also one of the tumors with clear and effective prevention and treatment.

In recent years, the incidence and mortality of breast cancer in my country have increased rapidly. So what exactly is breast cancer? Who are the high-risk groups? Let’s talk today.

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What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs when the glandular or ductal epithelial cells of the breast become cancerous, the highest incidence of malignant tumors in women.

Breast cancer can appear as small painless lumps, some patients will have features such as “orange peel sign”, “dimple sign” and “indented nipple”, and some patients will have enlarged axillary lymph nodes.

The common metastatic sites of breast cancer are: lung, bone, liver, brain, etc., which can cause corresponding symptoms.

Breast cancer is one of the malignant tumors with the most treatment options and the best treatment effect. Professional and correct treatment strategies can greatly prolong survival and improve quality of life, and some patients can even be cured.

Who is breast cancer common in?

The exact pathogenesis of breast cancer is unknown. However, a large number of studies have confirmed that the following factors are closely related to the incidence of breast cancer:

Early age of menarche, late age of menopause, infertility, and older age of first term delivery.

Smoking, drinking, staying up late, obesity.

The breast is exposed to excess ionizing radiation, such as radiation.

High levels of estrogen in the body.

Other breast conditions, such as benign breast tumors, and women with breast cancer on one side are also at increased risk of developing the other breast.

Women whose mothers have breast cancer are at a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer with a familial inheritance or genetic defect.

Having said so much, do you have any other questions, such as——

Can a breast nodule develop into breast cancer?

How are breast nodules treated?

How can breast cancer be prevented?

In order to solve everyone’s doubts, Dr. Lilac invited Xu Feng, the attending physician of breast surgery in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, to chat with >”Breast Cancer” related content.