I have hives, can I eat seafood?

It needs to be determined by the cause of the hives.

If the hives attack is caused by food allergies such as seafood or fish, don’t eat it, especially during an acute attack. At this time, the body is more sensitive, and the protein contained in seafood is a heterogeneous protein, which is more likely to cause allergies and aggravate the condition of urticaria.

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If it is clear that the onset of urticaria has nothing to do with eating seafood, then you can eat it, and you don’t need to eat it. For example, urticaria is caused by contact with pollen or dust mites. Even eating seafood at this time will not have much impact on the disease in most cases.

Currently it is believed that most episodes of urticaria (especially chronic urticaria) are not related to food. If there is no seafood allergy before, and the symptoms are not aggravated after ingesting seafood, you can eat in moderation normally.


Sun Caihong, Chief Physician of Dermatology and Venereology

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Li Jin Attending Dermatology Physician


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