How to lose fat without losing muscle? 4 ways to build an easy-to-thin physique and have a good figure

Do you know what you lose weight? Every fitness expert knows that the key to losing weight is fat loss, not weight loss.

A person’s weight is organized by multiple components, and the main cause of obesity is not Overweight, but excessive fat percentage. If what you lose is body water, muscle, and waste, this kind of weight loss is useless, and you can’t really lose weight. If what you lose is pure body fat, then your body will be significantly thinner and your whole person will become slimmer.

Muscle is a valuable tissue of the body and an energy-consuming tissue, which determines the body’s basal metabolic value. People with high muscle content can consume more calories every day, which helps to build If you have a physique that is easy to lose weight, your figure will become firmer after you lose weight. Therefore, reducing fat without reducing muscle is the main method to improve the success rate of weight loss and avoid the trouble of weight gain.

< strong>So, how can we lose fat without losing muscle? We can start from these aspects:

1. Create a reasonable calorie gap, but not excessive dieting

If you want to lose weight, you need to control your diet reasonably and reduce your calorie intake, but excessive dieting is not advisable. The low-calorie intake mode will make the body malnourished. When the body feels the famine, it will turn on the protection mechanism, the basal metabolic value will drop, and the body that is prone to obesity will patronize you.

We need to control the daily calorie intake to be low, usually 400-500 calories, to ensure that the calorie intake is not lower than the basal metabolic value, generally not less than 1200 calories Cards, in order to ensure the body’s basic operating needs.

2. Diversified diet, not a single diet

The body needs different nutrients to provide metabolic power, such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins Etc., a single diet cannot meet the nutrients needed by the body, which will lead to the blockage of metabolic power.

In order to lose weight healthily and reduce muscle loss, we need a balanced diet, such as supplementing three meals with some high-quality staple foods, such as coarse grains such as brown rice and oats, choose Choose high-protein foods such as chicken breast, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Choose 2-3 different kinds of vegetables and fruits every day to ensure balanced nutrition so that you can lose weight healthily.

3. Control the time of aerobic exercise, do not overdo it

Aerobic exercise is a recognized fat-burning exercise, such as jogging, rope skipping, aerobics, cycling, mountain climbing, jack-and-eye jumping, playing ball, etc. are all good fat-reducing exercises.

However, studies have found that long-term excessive aerobic exercise will cause muscle loss, we need to control the time of aerobic exercise within 40-50 minutes, so that muscle loss is At least, it can also maintain the fat burning efficiency.

4. Do more strength training, starting with compound movements

If you want to prevent muscle loss and increase your basal metabolic value, doing more strength training is a good choice. Strength training can increase muscle content and improve your basic Metabolic value allows you to consume more calories every day, effectively improving the efficiency of fat burning and shaping.

Strength training can range from squats, push-ups, bench press, rowing, deadlifts, Start with compound movements such as lunge squats and goat push-ups, exercise once every 2-3 days, and each movement can achieve muscle-building effects in 4-5 groups.

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