Diligence, courage, courage, patience, pattern…these are also the core of Wang Jianlin’s success

There are many factors for success, including diligence, courage, courage, patience, pattern, and wisdom. In fact, luck is also a part of success. As the old saying goes, gold becomes iron when it is transported, and iron is like gold when it arrives. This sentence means that gold will turn into iron when luck is bad, and iron will turn into gold when luck is good, so luck is also a factor of success. Many times, luck is fleeting when it comes, and we must seize the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for our own success.

Speaking of success, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin, we should He is no stranger to anyone, and he has created his own business miracle by virtue of his many excellent qualities. Wang Jianlin once said that when he was 20 years old, he got a college diploma from Liaoning University. The whole learning process was of great significance to him. If he encountered any problems in his entrepreneurial journey over the past few decades, he would always remember that he was full of energy. , High-spirited student days, this is a kind of encouragement, and it is also knowledge that gives him the motivation and belief on the road to entrepreneurship.

Not long ago, Wanda successively carried out strategic cooperation with a number of enterprises and obtained the management rights of several commercial centers. Now Wanda is in stark contrast with its peers. It seems that at this time everyone really realized how smart Wang Jianlin, the chairman of Wanda Group, is and how convincing his business acumen is.

Whether he has success or failure in life, earning ability, or It is the wisdom of business management and other aspects, all of which have their own understanding and planning. Regarding the success of the business, he once said: success is not success if you go big, but success is when you go far. The biggest influence of my success is One of the factors is not only books, not only the best, not only foreign. We should not believe all kinds of success books because they are foolish, and you should not even believe everything I say, just listen to the stories in them.

He believes that the core factor of success is hard work, hardworking talents are the most It is possible to succeed, after all, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. You need to be smart enough to be successful, and there is also the bonus of luck in it. When faced with temptations, we need to use faith and strength to resist them, just like our body is very attractive to us, and of course the most comfortable when we go to bed late every day and don’t work, this kind of temptation is fatal and will eventually make us You get nothing done.

We have been fighting against good and evil all our lives, trying to resist laziness. Only by learning self-discipline can we reach success faster and see more of ourselves.

Laziness is the root of all evils, our game between diligence and laziness If we have a correct outlook on life or make positive friends, then congratulations, you are not far from success. As long as you resist the temptation, as long as you are smart and hardworking, then you will succeed!