Yingze District, Taiyuan City: The party and the masses work together to build a line of defense, and show their responsibility on the front line of fighting the “epidemic”

Practice the original mission in the midst of hardships, and temper your fighting skills in the big exam. In the past few days, the grassroots party organizations in Haozhuang Town, Yingze District, Taiyuan City have given full play to the leading role of party building, coordinated and organized the forces of all parties, raced against time to implement various epidemic prevention work arrangements, and carried out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner. Party members, cadres and the masses in the town moved upon hearing the order, bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities, and quickly joined the battle of epidemic prevention and control. They dare to be the first, fight on the front line, become tenacious fighters, take the lead and be the protagonist in the “war epidemic”; they go retrograde, stick to it day and night, and be the “guardians” of the silent zone.

Quick assembly

Being brave as a “volunteer to guard the homeland”

“I am a party member, I will go first!” “I will sign up to join the epidemic prevention and control volunteer team!” Facing the new round of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, starting from November 16th, wechat work in various grassroots party organizations in Haozhuang Town In the group, everyone responded to the call of the party organization one after another, braved hardships and dangers, stepped forward, took the initiative to reveal their party membership, and obeyed the arrangements.

At 5:30 in the morning on the 16th, it was still dark. In Chaoyang No. 1 Community, Century Chaoyang Community, the “red vests” are already busy preparing for nucleic acid testing. Carry out route sorting and layout for the nucleic acid testing site, post queuing two-meter line signs, build canopies, etc. “Hurry up and eat breakfast. You will have to work hard for seven or eight hours later. Let us do the work of disinfecting and checking the health code.” A familiar figure sent breakfast to the medical staff and information collectors, and said thoughtfully.

“Everyone line up in an orderly manner, don’t get together, keep a distance of 2 meters!” residents. There is a party emblem pinned to his chest, shining brightly with the movement of his arms, and the party flag behind him is also flying high on the front line of anti-epidemic.

Yin Weichang is 68 years old this year. He is an old party member with 36 years of party experience. Party branch secretary. After the outbreak, he reported to the residential community as soon as possible, taking full advantage of his familiarity with the residential unit building, actively publicizing the policy to the residents and patiently explaining it, and being a “propagandist” of the community; timely notifying the residents to go downstairs to do nucleic acid, Maintaining order at the scene is the “best assistant” for medical staff. As soon as Chief Yin was mentioned, Yang Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chaoyang No. 1 Community, was full of praise: “Brother Yin has always supported community work, and actively signed up for every volunteer activity in the community. He never complained about how hard it was. Old party members.”

Party members and masses have expressed: “The epidemic prevention Control, everyone is responsible. The community workers are busy, and we should all take the initiative to support the epidemic prevention work in the community!” A sentence of “I sign up”, “I participate”, and “I volunteer”, let the fire of Red Star power quickly gather and converge into red Surging, they rushed forward without hesitation, polishing the vanguard qualities of party members on the front against the “epidemic”.

We have a heavy responsibility

Bravely Be the “Leader of Epidemic Prevention and Control”

At around 1 am on November 16, due to the tight schedule and heavy tasks of nucleic acid testing, in order to ensure that the nucleic acid testing in Haozhuang Town can be carried out on time at 7 o’clock, the boys from the party committee office and government office of the town government turned into “porters” , Immediately went to Yingze District Central Hospital and became the “exclusive driver” of medical supplies in Haozhuang Town.

At the scene of handling the epidemic prevention materials, everyone worked together with high morale, and quickly threw themselves into the battle of unloading, transshipment, and distribution of materials. I carried it and he carried it. After more than 3 hours of hard work, nearly 100 boxes of nucleic acid sampling materials in 3 trucks have been moved to the designated location and distributed to various villages and communities. The daily transportation of medical supplies basically relies on their “youth transportation team”, led by Party Committee Office Yang Yuan, young comrades from You Feifan, Wang Zhuoyue, Wu Xiaodong, Niu Qiankun, Liang Jinbi, Wen Boda, Cui Jin and other organizations Working together, there are as many as hundreds of boxes a day, bending over more than a hundred times, racing against time all the way, just for the “epidemic” frontline staff to get the epidemic prevention materials as soon as possible.

Wang Yanyan from Haozhuang Town is aA party activist, Haozhuang Community, Dongxu Century City Community, Bicycle Dormitory, Boiler Room Dormitory, China Railway Community… There are her footprints everywhere, and she is already an experienced information collector. “There are gratifying harvests every day. Residents line up more and more orderly, and nucleic acid testing is becoming more and more efficient. What’s more interesting is that when the protective clothing is worn safely, every time you wear it, there will be more tricks than the previous day. For example , the protective visor is not firm, and the sponge pad can be torn into concave and convex shapes to ensure a better fit to the curvature of the head…” She proudly narrated her experience.

Intentional service

Bravely be the “Reassuring Guardian of Residents”

At 6:30 in the morning on November 20, Ren Suhui had already put on protective clothing, hoods, masks, rubber gloves, and shoe covers, and was fully armed to prepare for the collection of nucleic acid testing information. As a young party cadre of the township government, this is her fifth day of supporting the Haozhuang community. It can be said that she is familiar with the information collection work, but every time she goes to work, she will inevitably feel a little nervous, because the registration and entry of information is very difficult. The key is to concentrate every time and check repeatedly, for fear of any omissions.

Scan the transfer box code and test tube code with your mobile phone , and then scan each person’s ID card or quarantine registration code according to the barcode. The action is getting faster and more accurate. From 6:30 in the morning to 11:30, she has to repeat this action hundreds of times in the morning, and her fingers are numb. Yes, but a “thank you” from the residents made her feel that the small code scanning has become faster and warmer. So far, she has completed information entry for 856 residents. The protective clothing was airtight, she couldn’t drink water, wipe off sweat, or go to the toilet, and the sweat blurred her glasses. She still gritted her teeth and persisted until the end of sampling, weaving a “heart-warming line of defense” with practical actions.

In the past few days as “Dabai”, she is not only an information collector, but also a “gatekeeper” of the community . After completing the information collection every day, she will help to be on duty at the gate of the community, help transfer close contacts, and disinfect the corridors of the unit in time.

Guarding for the people

Bravely be the “vanguard on the front line of epidemic prevention”

< span>“Stand up” at critical moments, and “top up” at important moments. They are grid members, applicants for joining the party, and even the vanguard of the front line.

Since the investigation of Wuyu Middle School students began, Longcheng’s new Tang Yiwen, a grid member in Yuan Community, started her “epidemic” fighting mode, because Unit 2, Building 5, District D, Longcheng Xinyuan, which she was in charge of, was classified as a high-risk area.

“Why do you want to go to the quarantine point? Can’t I just quarantine at home?” In the face of a few residents who don’t understand, she has to keep doing Ideological work and policy explanations, after successfully transferring residents who needed centralized isolation, she was already exhausted. From the beginning of submitting the isolation information to the transfer and isolation, on the evening of November 19th, the student was finally escorted home safely, and the tension in my heart was finally relaxed.

This is just a small matter of Xiaotang’s battle against the “epidemic” this time, and she is also responsible for the daily service guarantee work of the residents of the silent unit shoulders. Assisting in door-to-door nucleic acid collection, garbage collection and treatment, environmental disinfection, explaining residents’ questions, and acting as a resident delivery person, she completes every task with a hundredfold sense of responsibility. “There are no small things around the masses. We should serve the residents well with an attitude of taking no matter what, and we must always keep the residents’ well-being in mind.” She said firmly.

There is no radiance, but it is always warm and bright. The story of the battle against the “epidemic” of the party members and masses in Haozhuang Town continues. They are the “porters” who rush to deliver supplies on the lonely street, and the “warmers” who come here in the anxious expectation of the residents. The heart person” is the “commander” who is busy at the nucleic acid sampling site, and the “interpretation flower” who soothes the residents’ anxiety. In the work of epidemic prevention and control, they strengthened their ideals and beliefs, stood firm on the people’s stand, fulfilled their original mission of serving the people wholeheartedly with their busy figures and hard work, and fully demonstrated the responsibilities and responsibilities of party members with practical actions.

Source: Released by Yingze