How suitable is Changsha for love? Come and check the Qixi atmosphere this city gives you, full score for romance

This Qixi Festival, in Changsha, where the temperature is as high as 38 ℃, the atmosphere of love in the whole city is directly full of romance. Rose waterfall, heart-shaped stinky tofu, pink confession wall in the “Center of the Universe”… In Changsha, romance is never absent. Have you been to any of these Qixi Festival-limited check-in points?

Even the screen is in love, witness the love story of “The Cowherd and Weaver Girl” in Changsha

Don’t forget to look up when shopping on May 1st, Changsha’s Romance is not only about pink zebra crossings, but also romantic stories limited to Qixi Festival. Recently, the big screen of “May 1st Business District” staged a modern version of the story of “Meeting on Magpie Bridge”. The two big screens where the male and female protagonists are located are separated by Huangxing Road. They can only see each other on the occasion of Qixi Festival. The male protagonist mustered up his courage, crossed the road with a rose in hand, and finally met the female protagonist on the same screen.

This check-in point quickly became popular on the Internet, and some netizens said, “Playing romance is still the Changsha meeting”, “The romance of Qixi Festival was contracted by Changsha. “.

In blue wind chimes ocean, make a wish to keep love in Changsha

Encountering the “blue ocean” in the hot summer is visually healed. Recently, the heart-shaped blue hydrangea column in front of the Peace Hall has become a new check-in point for Internet celebrity bloggers. It was repackaged by the column in front of the Peace Hall, and filled with blue hydrangea in the heart-shaped hollow. In order to create an atmosphere of blue ocean, wind chimes are also hung on the corridor outside the mall, surrounded by blue drapery.

When the summer evening wind hits, the wind chimes make a sweet chime and instantly walk into the ocean-like curtain. It is said that when you make a wish under the wind chimes, your expectations can be realized with the jingling wind chimes.

In order to keep your heart, even stinky tofu is full of love

The stinky tofu of this Qixi Festival may be stinky, but its shape must be Is love your shape. As the Qixi Festival is approaching, as a gourmet business card in Changsha, stinky tofu is also sold in the shape of a heart, and even a love letter is written on each receipt. The romance of Qixi Festival is really understood by stinky tofu.

After the heart-shaped stinky tofu became the new favorite of Qixi Festival, some netizens said in the comment area, “Stinky tofu is the shape that loves you!”, “Buy a Stinky tofu can be confessed by a small ticket, and you can get it.”

0731Love is giving you all the city Roses

It’s not only May Day that is romantic in the streets. On the Qixi Festival, there are roses everywhere in Changsha. Recently, two giant rose sensor lights have been installed in front of the Hisense Plaza. When you step on the device, the “withered” rose will slowly open and the stamens will start to sparkle. This “rose open only for you” has also attracted many tourists and local citizens to check in. Meeting a rose that is open for you on Qixi Festival is the most romantic thing.

Hisense rose out of the circle, and Hexi’s “romantic” won by volume. In Wangfujing, Hexi, a 10-meter-long glacier rose poured down on the first floor of the shopping mall, using a glacier rose to start the romantic ceremony of Qixi Festival.

In Houhu, a buyer’s shop also arranged a rose waterfall for the Qixi Festival, falling vertically from the second floor of the shop. Many netizens were “hearted” by Changsha’s rose offensive, and they all said, “Changsha’s romance will last forever.”

Waiting for you at the center of the universe and saying I love you at the sunset

This Chinese Valentine’s Day is called The Wanjiali Mall for the “Centre of the Universe” also released its own “Cosmic Romance Plan”. In addition to the sunset party at the top of the city on the apron on the top floor, Wan Jiali also recreated the classic pink zebra crossing and confession wall on the first floor. Seeing everything in the world is romantic.” The pink confession on the wall gives Wan Jiali a unique “dirty romance”, which makes netizens sigh: “It’s a bit dirty, but I like it!”

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Take the romance away, ChangshaSouth Railway Station:Thank you for loving me

Romantic Not only Changsha City, but before leaving Changsha, tourists can also receive the city’s true “confession”. On the eve of Qixi Festival, Changsha South High-speed Railway Station prepared a special “confession” for departing passengers. According to media reports, a confession advertisement “Thank you for loving me – Changsha” appeared on the electronic rolling light box at the baggage security checkpoint at the west square of Changsha South High-speed Railway Station. According to the company that put the light sign, this true “confession” is to thank tourists from all over the world for their love for the Internet celebrity city of Changsha, and to help Changsha’s “favorite fan” culture. This confession advertisement is the first public welfare topic marketing independently carried out by Hunan High-speed Railway Media, and the high-speed railway station media has become an emerging Internet celebrity check-in point.

What kind of romance have you received this Qixi Festival?

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