How should sugar lovers eat their staple food? Reminder: follow these 4 principles, blood sugar will be more obedient

As we all know, after suffering from diabetes, you must strictly control your sugar intake, such as white sugar, chocolate, desserts, etc. In addition, staple foods such as rice, noodles, and steamed buns contain carbohydrates, which can be converted into glucose in the body to control the disease. It also has an impact and must be limited.

In order to keep blood sugar stable, many patients refuse all staple foods and do not eat at all. In fact, this approach is too extreme. Diabetic patients do not eat staple foods at all, but it is harmful to their health.

So, why can’t diabetics stop eating staple food at all?

Rice, noodles and other staple foods are rich in carbohydrates, which can indeed increase blood sugar to a certain extent, but it is not advisable to completely avoid staple foods.

The staple food is the body’s source of energy. If you don’t eat the staple food for a long time, your body will lack energy, so you have to digest the protein and fat in your body to generate energy. Ketone bodies can be produced in the process of fat consumption. If too much ketone bodies are produced, it will cause ketoacidosis, which is very dangerous.

In addition, long-term non-eating of staple food will also cause malnutrition, which will make the patient’s resistance decline and make infection more likely. Therefore, diabetic patients cannot completely stop eating staple foods, but for stable blood sugar control, patients should follow the following four principles when eating staple foods, and eat staple foods scientifically and reasonably!

1. Control the amount of staple food

Although diabetes can eat staple food, it must be controlled to avoid excessive intake . First of all, we must determine the total calories of food intake every day, and then consume staple foods in a certain proportion.

Generally speaking, diabetic patients can consume 200~300 grams of staple food per day. Intake.




3. It should be dry rather than thin

When diabetics eat staple food, if they can eat dry, try not to eat thin, the same rice is easier to be digested and absorbed by the body after being cooked into porridge, which can easily lead to a rise in blood sugar after a meal, while cooking it into dry rice can prolong the digestion time, which is more conducive to blood sugar control.

4. Pay attention to chewing slowly

Diabetic patients should not wolf down their meals. If they eat too fast, they will unconsciously ingest Excessive food will not only increase the burden on the stomach, but also affect the control of blood sugar. Chew carefully and slowly when eating, and adjust the order of eating. Eat vegetables first, then staple food, which will help reduce the intake of staple food.

In short, it is not advisable for diabetic patients not to eat staple food at all. Staple food is the source of energy for the body. If they do not eat at all, On the contrary, it will aggravate the damage to the body.

Diabetic patients should learn to eat staple food scientifically and reasonably, which can meet the needs of the body without affecting the control of blood sugar. Intake of salt and high-fat foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and adjust the diet in an all-round way, so that blood sugar can be better controlled.