Can goji berries be used externally? It can also cure these 7 skin diseases

Guide: Lycium barbarum can not only invigorate the kidney to generate essence, but also nourish the liver and blood to improve eyesight, so it has always been an important medicine for invigorating the kidney and essence, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight. It can be used for deficiency of kidney yin or deficiency of kidney yang, as well as syndromes of essence deficiency and blood deficiency. However, there are few reports on the treatment of boils, chilblains, scalds, decubitus ulcers, ecthyma and other surgical diseases with wolfberry fruit. Let’s find out below.

New clinical application of wolfberry

Author/Jia Peiyan

Lycium barbarum is sweet, flat and moist, and enters the two meridians of liver and kidney. Its function is similar to that of dodder and tribulus terrestris. However, Cuscuta and Tribulus terrestris are better at nourishing yang than yin, and medlar is better at nourishing yin than yang, and can nourish blood, and its tonic effect is better than the two. Lycium barbarum has always been an important medicine for nourishing kidney and essence, nourishing liver and improving eyesight. But it is rarely used in clinical application. The introduction is as follows:

1 , boils

Wang Moumou, male, 38 years old. It has been 3 days since a furuncle has developed on the outer lower part of the right knee joint, about 4×5 cm, local redness, swelling and pain, body temperature 38.4 ℃.

Give 15 grams of wolfberry fruit, baked and ground Fine powder, 50g of vaseline is heated and melted, poured into wolfberry fruit powder and mixed well to form an ointment, spread on impermeable paper three times and apply to the affected area, bandaged and fixed, changed once a day, and healed in three days.

2. Aphthous ulcers< /span>

Feng, female , 45 years old. There was a pair of aphthous sores at the back of the neck, with a high swelling diameter of about 5 cm around, pain that persisted, chills and fever.

Give wolfberry 30 grams, hot water Runtou, 3 taels of fresh pork, minced into a meat grinder, or chopped into a meat paste. Spread it on the affected area, wrap it up and fix it, and replace the paste every 4 to 6 hours.

After 1 hour, the pain was greatly reduced, and the medicine was applied 3 times After the pus flows out, leave a small hole for pus to drain when applying the medicine. Apply continuously for 3 days, the pain and swelling subsided, and healed on the 7th.

3. Snake head boil< /span>

Wang Moumou, Female, 31 years old. The abdomen of the right thumb was swollen and painful for 2 and a half days. External anti-inflammatory ointment and intramuscular injection of anti-inflammatory drugs were ineffective. The swelling increased and the pain was unbearable.

Give wolfberry 15 grams, with wine Boil 50ml of water and 50ml of water, mash it into a paste, add 05g of borneol, mix thoroughly with a cup of vinegar, put it in a small plastic bag and put it on the affected finger, bandage and fix it, take it off after 12 hours, add vinegar A little, mix well and apply external bandage for fixation.

Take medicine once, the swelling and pain are greatly reduced, 3 days get well.

4. Burns


Zhang Moumou, male ,10 years old. The left forearm and left thigh were scalded with boiling water for 3 hours. Scattered vesicles of various sizes and exfoliation of the skin with a lot of exudate were seen on the wound surface, with a total area of ​​12% and a small amount of 2 degrees deep.

Give wolfberries 40 grams, crispy Grind into fine powder, heat 120g of sesame oil to boiling, remove from heat, pour in medlar powder and stir evenly, apply sterilized cotton wool soaked in medicinal oil to the affected area, and change the local bandage every 6 hours.

The pain subsided after half an hour, and the pain stopped after 8 hours. Healed in 5 days.

5. Chilblain


Ren, female, 35 years old. The backs of both hands and the right heel were swollen and painful for more than 10 days. The skin was purple and itchy at night. The back of the left hand was broken and pus and blood were oozing.

Give wolfberry 20 grams, Angelica dahurica 5 gram and 5 grams of Evodia rutaecarpa were dried and ground into powder, added appropriate amount of balsam, made into a paste and applied to the affected area, once every 4-6 hours, and recovered after 5 consecutive days.

6. Decubitus span>

Yang Moumou, female , 62 years old. Bedridden due to stroke, he developed decubitus in the sacrum for more than half a month, with a diameter of 3.5 cm.

Give wolfberries 50 grams, crispy Grind it into fine powder, add 200 grams of sesame oil, bring to a boil, pour in wolfberry fruit powder when it is cold, add 0.5 grams of borneol, stir well, soak a few small pieces of sterile gauze, clean the sore surface, apply medicated gauze pieces, bandage and fix , change once a day, and heal after more than half a month.

7. Acne< /span>

Wang Moumou, Male, 52 years old. Suffering from ecthyma on the inner side of the tibia of the right calf for 12 years, the calf is often swollen, the surface of the sore is 4cm x 3.5cm, the surrounding is dark red, and the sore is very smelly.

Give wolfberry 25 grams, crispy , 3 grams of light powder, 3 grams of Mituseng, 0.5 grams of borneol, and grind them into very fine powders. 150 grams of petroleum jelly, heated and melted, poured into the above medicinal powder, and adjusted to ointment. After cleaning the sore surface, apply ointment, bandage the local area, change the dressing every other day, and heal after one month of treatment.


Goji berries can be used for external treatment of the above-mentioned various skin diseases, regardless of whether they have ulcerated or not. Its medicinal properties are mild and soft, non-irritating. According to the feedback information of the patients, they feel comfortable after applying the medicine, and the pain is relieved quickly. Therefore, external application of Lycium barbarum has a certain effect of detoxifying and dispelling stagnation, reducing swelling and relieving pain, lifting pus and promoting granulation. As for its exact mechanism, further research is required.

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