Suxiao Jiuxin Pills can be taken casually? Big mistake! Three common senses of taking medicine to ensure the safety of taking medicine

Suxiao Jiuxin Pill is a regular medicine in many families, but many people only have a half-knowledge of its efficacy. …

Could it be, Can this little pill really “cure heart disease”?

You can Don’t use it wrong!

Small Small drop pills, essential medicine for emergency

The main ingredients of Suxiao Jiuxin Pills are Chuanxiong and Borneol, which can quickly and effectively relieve symptoms such as chest pain, oppression, and shortness of breath. It is an essential medicine for patients with coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.

Suxiao Jiuxin Pill is mainly The effect is to promote qi and blood circulation, remove blood stasis and relieve pain, increase coronary blood flow, and relieve angina pectoris.

Because it has Inheriting the high-efficiency and quick-acting characteristics of western medicine, and inheriting the advantages of treating both symptoms and root causes of traditional Chinese medicine, with less toxic and side effects, it has always been known as the “China’s No. 1 Dropping Pill” at home and abroad.

And clinical practice also It shows that Suxiao Jiuxin Pill is suitable for coronary heart disease and angina pectoris of Qi stagnation and blood stasis type.

However, its Do you know the exact usage?

Master How to take it to maximize the efficacy


Grasp the timing of medication

Before taking this medicine, patients should master the regularity and characteristics of their own angina pectoris, such as chest tightness, chest discomfort, left shoulder soreness, etc. Take it after attack.


Master how to take it

The correct way to take Suxiao Jiuxin Pills is to put the pills under the tongue when swallowing. To exert the medicinal effect, it can be chewed and put under the tongue.

Remember not to swallow !

If your mouth feels dry , The drug is not easily absorbed, you can add a little boiled water to help the drug absorb faster.

For 5 minutes If the symptoms are still not relieved, you can take another pill; if the symptoms are not relieved after taking it twice, the possibility of acute myocardial infarction should be considered, and you must be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately.


Master the medication position

Suxiao Jiuxin Pills should be taken in a sitting or semi-recumbent position, not in a standing or lying position.

Because when standing If the central position is too high, the blood vessels dilate and cause the blood pressure to drop, which will cause syncope; while the supine position lowers the heart position and increases the amount of blood returning to the heart, which suddenly increases the amount of blood stored in the heart and increases the burden.

When taking a seat or In the semi-recumbent position, it can ensure that the amount of blood returned to the heart is relatively reduced, and the burden on the heart can be reduced, so that the oxygen it supplies can meet the body’s own needs.

Quick-acting The Multiple Magical Uses of Jiuxin Pill

In addition to exerting excellent medicinal effects on angina pectoris and coronary heart disease, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills can also be used in this way——


Alcoholism Prevention

Ligustrazine in Suxiao Jiuxin Pills can directly penetrate the blood-brain barrier and eliminate the spasm of vascular smooth muscle caused by alcohol stimulation.

Ice chips can enhance Ligustrazine has antispasmodic effect, promotes the transfer of active ingredients into the brain to take effect, quickly relieves the discomfort after drinking, and prevents the occurrence of dangerous symptoms.


Treatment of cervical vertigo

Cervical vertigo is a type of cervical spondylosis, the main cause is cervical bone hyperplasia, narrowing of the intervertebral space and compression of blood vessels , resulting in insufficient blood supply of the vertebrobasilar artery, cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, and dizziness.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that neck Sexual vertigo belongs to the type of vertigo caused by blood stasis and phlegm. The clinical key is to relieve compression, improve circulation, and eliminate cerebral ischemia and hypoxia.

Suxiao Jiuxin Wan 5 capsules each time, 3 times a day, take with warm water half an hour after meals.

When vertigo attacks are obvious , 10-15 capsules can be taken sublingually, and 7 days is a course of treatment.


Cure cerebral ischemia and hypoxia

Suddenly appear transient amaurosis, vision loss, severe insomnia, severe headache, half body numbness and other abnormalities At this time, Suxiao Jiuxin Pills can be taken orally, 6 capsules each time.

If accompanied by severe For symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting, the dosage of Suxiao Jiuxin Pills can be increased to 10-15 pills.

Attention, quick-acting Although pills have many magical effects, when encountering the above diseases, do not self-medicate. You should go to the hospital to see a doctor, and then use medicine scientifically under the guidance of a doctor.