How outrageous is the star talent and learning? Some people fail the language, some people can’t do addition and subtraction within 10


Are Su Shi and Su Dongpo good friends?

Nobel Prize and Mathematics Prize?

These ridiculous mistakes all come from stars who have little talent in the entertainment industry.

Let’s take a look today to see how outrageous the stars in the entertainment industry are.

I. Failed language type

Writing a typo or copying a wrong sentence, this is the Humanoid’s favorite mistake.

The first person to bear the brunt is our “Chinese class representative” Mr. Jin Dong.

Jin Dong’s image in TV dramas has always been a veteran cadre, a warm man, a The vice abdomen has the appearance of poetry and literature.

It may be that Jin Dong is too deep into the drama and can’t extricate himself, and often advertises his identity as a “cultural man” in real life.

It is understandable to advertise a cultural person, and it is not surprising that a celebrity is set up.

Ke Jin Dong goes online almost every time he goes online as a “cultural person”, he will be criticized by him. Netizens grabbed the “little braids”, which made people laugh and laugh.

Let’s take a look at how many times Mr. Jin Dong was beaten in the face in those years.

Looking at Jin Dong’s Weibo, traditional Chinese characters, ancient words, there is very little daily sharing, almost except for publicity, it is solar terms.

Also often pull a few ancient poems and share some excerpts.

But if you often walk by the river, how can you not get wet shoes.

In 2018, the entry “Jin Dong copied the wrong ancient poems” rushed to the hot search.

It turns out that Jin Dong shared a poem by Lu You in order to sigh the coming of the frost and solar terms .

“The withered grass is frost and white, and the cold window is full of new shadows.”

But Jin Dong copied it wrong, and put the last two The word “Xin Ying” was written as “Ying Xin”.

After it was pointed out that the error was revised, it still caused heated discussions among netizens.

Viewing the information, it was found that Jin Dong was embarrassed more than once because he copied the wrong sentence.

Previously, he posted “Remembering Van Gogh’s words, living affectionately in this ruthless world”.

But sharp-eyed netizens found that this sentence did not come from Van Gogh at all.

It is from Zeng Qifeng, a famous psychiatrist.

When attending the event with top student Li Jian, he was asked what book he was reading recently. Jin Dong was a little confused at the time.

After being silent for a while, he murmured that all he had read recently were banned books.

It seems that although there is no ink in the brain, the IQ is still online.

When it comes to Jin Dong, I have to mention Ma Sichun who also copied the wrong sentence.

In 2018, Ma Sichun reprinted a Weibo titled “A Collection of Zhang Ailing’s False Quotes” with the text “Thanks for the correction, humbly accept”. Sorry for my ignorance.

So let’s see what Ma Sichun did.

On December 15, 2018, Ma Sichun posted a Weibo post about Zhang Ailing’s “First Incense”.

If you haven’t read the original work, you may still think that Ma Sichun is quite literate, but the eyes of netizens are sharp.

Soon , a big V number came out to crack down on fakes, does it mean that we are reading the same book?

< span>As more and more people come out to crack down on fakes, there is a scene that Ma Sichun forwarded.

Afterwards, good friend Zhou Dongyu said in an interview, “No matter what happens, I hope everyone can be tolerant.”

Jin Xing also made this mistake, she once quoted a Lu Xun’s Quotations:

“When you reach a certain age, you must throw away four things: meaningless drinking, people who don’t love you, looking down on your relatives, and hypocritical Friends.”

was later discovered by netizens as a pseudo-quotation. Seeing this, I want to say that citations are risky, and citations need to be cautious.

When Zhang Ziyi reposted Weibo to mourn the victims, she wanted to say something, but she turned over the car. She wrote: “The end of life is hopeful, and the body is gone.”

Although I can understand what Zhang Ziyi wants to express, anyone with a bit of common sense knows that “End of life” refers to the natural death of a person, and it is obviously inappropriate to mourn the victims.

If you use a little culture but not much to describe the above people, then take The kind of people who came down can be described with no culture at all.

Here I have to mention an “illiterate” gathering place: Lehua Entertainment, the low-level mistakes made by its artists can be said to be countless.

Meng Meiqi, who is good at singing and dancing, once wrote “Charm” as “Wei Li” when signing autographs for fans.

even misspelled the brand name of the gold master father.

In the program, when I asked what hairstyle I wanted to try, Meng Meiqi wrote it in six words. wrong two.

Huang Minghao also made a typo many times, “sesame, chopped green onion” , paprika,” and none of them are innocent.

When I wrote about health, I wrote Kang next to the word sick, and I didn’t Know if it’s a blessing or a curse.

But the most famous typo is Wang Yibo.

During the interview, the host asked him to write down the trip here on the board, With the help of the person next to me, the final result is this:

Netizens found , this is not the first time he made a typo, he would not have written the word “you” a long time ago.

“Always” is written as “self”.

I can’t even write the name of my good friend Peng Yuchang.

And this phenomenon seems to have spread to fans as well. Because fans praise him like this:

Is this the so-called Fansui idol?

Du Hua should not participate in variety shows. Wouldn’t it be good to go back and teach Chinese dictation to his artists?

Qiao Shan is here It was said in the show, “Su Dongpo’s best friend is Su Shi”.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was ruthlessly ridiculed by everyone, and Yang Di reminded them that they were one person.

Qiao Shan is a comedian, I don’t know if it’s for the show or the real ignorance.

This is a Weibo post Dou Xiao once posted. Co-authoring it with you is for middle school students to practice their skills.

Huang Zitao once posted on Weibo his chat history with friends. In the chat, he didn’t even recognize the noise, calling it a niche vocabulary.

Also posted on Weibo to sigh, do you think you are humorous instead of feeling ignorant?

However, netizens discovered that this is not the first time Huang Zitao has made a joke. In his early years, he did not understand what bottleneck meant.

Vijay tricked him into saying that there is a kind of dragon called the bottleneck dragon, and he believed it.

Primary school students should know what noise and bottleneck mean, right? It seems that the threshold of the entertainment industry is really getting lower and lower.

If the above person is just ignorant, then the next person is ignorant and attitude problem.

When Yuan Lao passed away, entertainment stars also reposted their condolences, but can you use snacks when copying and pasting?

“Guo Shi Wushuang” has become “National Land Wushuang” and this younger brother , are you going a little too far?

2. Failed Maths

If it is said that nowadays people are typing and forgetting to write, it is understandable, but if they can’t count, isn’t it a bit unreasonable?



This is all from the mouths of Di Lieba and Wu Xuanyi, your ninety-nine multiplication Did the watch learn from Meijia?

However, there are still many “math idiots” in the entertainment industry.

Hua Chenyu once recited the wrong nine-nine multiplication table in the show, how can there be four Not even one of them? It seems that making music really does not require mathematics.

Asa in the program, just figured out how much 3×9 is equal to, next time Seconds 9 × 3 is stunned.

< span>Yu Xiaotong confused him with a simple mixed problem of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the show.

< p>Wang Baoqiang even said in the program “5×0=5”, “First add and then multiply”.

Children can watch this program accompanied by their parents, but not taught broken.

When ella in SHE answered the arithmetic question that 1111÷1111 equals a few in the program, the zero blurted out made people scoff.

If the brain can’t turn around in a short time, it won’t do The addition is a bit too much.

Bao Wenjing admitted in the show that she couldn’t even understand the addition and subtraction within ten.

1+4 don’t know how many.

But Wenjing Bao graduated from Beijing Film Academy, if you can’t count, see When you come to the college entrance examination, your skills are good.

Ju Jingyi once bluntly said in the show that “a triangle with more than 90 corners is a right-angled triangle”.

Yang Yang once blew himself up in the show that he is an odd number and likes to be at odd time points Weibo.

Then gave an example: 10, 30, 50 p>

This is obviously an even number. The most frightening thing is that Yang Yang is serious when he speaks.

Does Yang Yang think that a number with a singular number must be a singular number?

Co-authored that the math of the big guy is taught by PE teachers and is for PE Teacher smear it.

No wonder Guan Xiaotong solves a binary linear equation in the program and is called a god operator and a genius.

At the time of the college entrance examination in 2021, Ma Jiaqi received widespread attention from netizens. Fans say that he is a scholar, and the character design has always been very successful.

In the month of the college entrance examination, Ma Jiaqi’s hot search never stopped. Before the college entrance examination, he shot a promotional video for his alma mater on the Hot search.

Before entering the examination room for the college entrance examination, high-five with the teacher for a hot search.

The first post on Weibo after the college entrance examination is a hot search.< /p>

Participate in the program after the test and continue to be on the hot search, and the reading volume has exceeded 100 million.

Ma Jiaqi must have done very well in the test, at least The majority of netizens think so, and so does Teacher Zhang Songwen.

But when the college entrance examination results came out, everyone was shocked. Ma Jiaqi only got 307 points in the test, while the score line for undergraduate art is 337 points.

I only got 25 points in the math test. If you want me to say that 125 points in the math test are difficult, 25 points are also very difficult! My brother is still great.

Ma Jiaqi became the target of ridicule, and this time the black fans also caught the opportunity , I don’t know how his fans feel when they find that the Xueba people set has collapsed?

III. Failed Geography

Xie Keyin was in the program, and he was with a team from Hubei. Zhang Xincheng of Hubei is the South or the North is debated endlessly.

Xie Keyin was surprised when Zhang Xincheng said that Hubei is the south, and asked back: “Hubei is the south, Hunan is the north”?

Zhang Xincheng was at a loss for words after hearing it, so he quickly learned about geography.

Xie Keyin said, “Don’t talk to me about geography”.

Good guy, doesn’t Zhang Xincheng know where he lives?

Yang Chaoyue asked him to name the abbreviations of the eight provinces in my country in the program.

But none of our transcendental sisters said anything. It seems that I didn’t listen to the geography class well in junior high school.

Fourth, no common sense type

Do you think of Jin Dong’s “Nobel Prize in Mathematics” or Zhai Tianlin doesn’t know CNKI?

In those days, when Jin Dong was filming “Surgery”, he said that every night he I read 7-8 pages of professional books before going to bed, and also read some small articles by Nobel Prize winners in mathematics.

This self-destruction has been criticized by netizens. First of all, medical students can’t afford to read 7-8 pages of professional books every day, not to mention Jin Dong is a layman.

Secondly, Nobel has no mathematics award at all! I don’t know which fake website Mr. Jin Dong read it from.

Let’s talk about Zhai Tianlin, the person who made all college students suffer by himself.

January 19, Zhai Tianlin posted on Weibo The postdoctoral acceptance letter of Peking University made people admire him.

But who knows what happened next was enough to ruin his reputation.

In a live broadcast, Zhai Tianlin answered, “What is CNKI?” ?

Want to ask a postdoctoral fellow at Peking University if he doesn’t know what CNKI is?

Afterwards, sharp-eyed netizens found that Zhai Tianlin’s doctoral dissertation could not be found in HowNet, but other people’s dissertations could be found in the same period.

The news about Zhai Tianlin’s academic fraud came out for a while, and even the People’s Daily published an article question.

More netizens pointed out that Zhai Tianlin’s academic papers during his postgraduate period were plagiarized and were subject to plagiarism. Plagiarists also speak out. Seize the title of academic misconduct.

Because of the Zhai Tianlin incident, it has become increasingly difficult for college students to write their graduation thesis, and Zhai Tianlin’s Weibo message has also become a vent for college students.

< span>When playing a game on a variety show, Yang Yang wanted to explain the principle of the game with the only knowledge he had. Who would have thought that he would roll over again.

He actually said, “There is no gravity”!

I think Newton would be pissed off if he heard it.

As the saying goes, know what you know, don’t know what you don’t know, and pretend to understand is the most ridiculous thing.

Write to the end:

In fact, as a star, you don’t need to have too much culture Level, but if you don’t have culture, don’t pretend. It will only make people laugh at being dismantled.

There are still some stars, even if it’s not for their career, they should learn math for their life, or they don’t know how much money they pay for their high-priced films.

Lastly borrow Gu Li’sA message for you: “A person with no business ability is just a piece of sand, without the wind, just walk out and take two steps to disperse.”