How much do you know about Fan Zhongyan who wrote “Yueyang Tower”?

Fan Zhongyan, courtesy name Xiwen, Han nationality, from Wu County, Suzhou. An outstanding thinker, statesman and writer in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Fan Zhongyan’s prose is “Yueyang Tower” is the most famous, and there is even more “worry about the world’s worries first, and enjoy the world’s joy later” Famous sentences through the ages.

Fan Zhongyan lost his father when he was young. Shan, inspired to study hard in Liquan Temple. From 1038 to 1043, as a direct bachelor of Longtuge, he managed the western frontier defense, reformed the military system, and adjusted the strategic deployment. During the third or fourth year of Qingli, Emperor Renzong was eager to stabilize the political situation, so he urged Fan Zhongyan and others to take measures to change the situation. They drafted a reform plan overnight, and Fan Zhongyan’s “Ten Chen Shishi” was issued nationwide in the form of an imperial edict. At the beginning of the fifth year of Qingli, Song Renzong backed down and issued an edict to abolish all reform measures. Fan Zhongyan and Fu Bi were removed from important military and political positions. Fan Zhongyan’s painstaking efforts to eradicate the bad government were wiped out in an instant. He was transferred to be the magistrate of Binzhou. In the fourth year of Huangyou’s reign, he died on the way to take office in Fuji at the age of sixty-four.