After the old man fell ill, the elder daughter and the younger daughter did not care, and after recovering, they gave all their property to the second child

Uncle Yan is 78 years old this year. His wife died of illness five years ago. He has a monthly pension of more than 3,000 yuan and lives alone in a house of more than 80 square meters. The three daughters are all married, the eldest daughter and the youngest daughter are both married to local people, while the second daughter is married far away.

After Uncle Yan was discharged from the hospital, in order to take better care of his father, the second daughter asked her husband to drive over to take Uncle Yan to her home. Under the careful care of his daughter and son-in-law, Uncle Yan’s body finally recovered . In order to repay his second daughter and son-in-law for their care, Uncle Yan drew up a will, and all his property will be inherited by his second daughter and second son-in-law after a hundred years. After hearing the news, the eldest daughter and the younger daughter panicked. They quickly bowed their heads to their father to admit their mistakes, hoping that his father would give them a chance to reform themselves. Unfortunately, Uncle Yan had made up his mind and coaxed them out with a cane .

The eldest daughter and the second daughter are not convinced, they feel that they are also legal heirs, and the three sisters should share the property equally. They think that the father must have been bewitched by the second child, so he left all the property to The second child, so they sued the second child in court with a lawsuit. After the trial, the judge believed that only his second daughter and son-in-law were by his side to take care of him silently when Uncle Yan was in the most difficult time, but the eldest daughter and youngest daughter did not fulfill their responsibilities for a day, so Uncle Yan left all his inheritance to his caretaker. There is nothing wrong with him, so the judge dismissed the claims of the two.

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