How many must-have sauces do you have in your home?

Tea, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, condiments account for four of them, which shows the importance of condiments in daily life.

We seem to have a special preference for sauce. We eat steamed buns with sauce, noodles with sauce, stir-fried vegetables with sauce, and even porridge with sauce . Compared with other seasonings such as salt and sugar, soy sauce provides richer flavors, which can make the taste and flavor of food more natural. A spoonful of soy sauce can replace the taste brought by several seasonings.

In fact, in the classification of condiments , sauce is a semi-solid condiment, including non-fermented sauce, compound seasoning sauce and dipping sauce. Different sauces are suitable for cooking different foods, whether cold, dipped, or stir-fried, there is always one that you will never forget after eating.

Chili Sauce

Chili sauce is a seasoning sauce made from chili as raw material, adding salt, sugar, ginger and garlic and other spices. It tastes salty, spicy and delicious , the color is bright red, and has the effect of promoting appetite. Different regions have different flavors of chili sauce. The common ones are Guilin chili sauce, garlic chili sauce, yellow lantern chili sauce, etc., which can not only be used for seasoning dishes, but also as dipping sauce and noodles Sauce used.


Ketchup is made from ripe red tomatoes It is bright red and has a stronger tomato flavor, and it is also rich in lycopene, B vitamins, dietary fiber, protein, minerals and natural pectin, etc. It is often used in the preparation of sweet and sour dishes in Chinese food, and it is often used as dipping sauce or seasoning in Western food, and it can also be eaten directly.

Soy sauce

Fried and ground soybeans, fermented to make Soybean paste, sauce aroma and ester cougar beans are very strong, the taste is salty and sweet, rich in protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron and other nutrients, when stewed, steamed, fried It can be used as a seasoning in stir-fried and mixed dishes. It is often used in dishes such as braised eggplant and sauce-flavored sea bass. It can also be used directly as a dipping sauce or net food.

Peanut Butter

There are two types of peanut butter, salty and sweet, in yellowish brown. The texture is sticky and delicate, bringing a strong peanut aroma, and it is also rich in plant protein, vitamins, niacin, vitamin E and other substances, with a relatively high nutritional value Peanut butter is often used in sweet cakes, desserts and other fillings, steamed buns and bread, cold dishes and noodles. The very popular hot dry noodles, Shacha noodles, and Shaxian noodles are all used in peanut butter.


Sesame paste is made from fried sesame seeds,< /strong>It is divided into white sesame paste and black sesame paste. White sesame paste is often used as a condiment, and black sesame paste is a good food for nourishing Qi. The content of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in sesame paste is high, and it has rich nutritional value. It is often used in hot pot, mixed with vermicelli, and dipped in bread.

Salad Dressing

At present, most of the common salad dressings in China are “cream type” Salad dressing, based on which different ingredients or seasonings are added and mixed, can be made into Thousand Island dressing, Caesar dressing, etc. It is often used to make fruit salad, vegetable salad, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and other foods.


Mayonnaise is viscous and light yellow in color,< /span>It is the basic raw material for cold dish sauces such as fried fish, steak, shrimp, eggs, oysters, and some vegetable salad sauces. It is also commonly used to spread bread, toast, etc.

Mayonnaise contains relatively high carbohydrate, protein, fat and other nutrients, but it is also very high in calories, so eat it in moderation.


The raw materials for making mustard are usually mustard powder, horseradish or horseradish, etc. It can be divided into Chinese yellow mustard, Japanese green mustard, French mustard and American mustard. The smell is strong and irritating, and the taste will feel very refreshing. It is usually used to make A seasoning for summer salads, it can also be used as a spread on bread or as a cooking seasoning.

Shrimp paste

Shrimp paste is fermented with shrimp and salt, and ground into a viscous sauce.It tastes salty and fresh, and it is often used in coastal areas of my country and Southeast Asia One of the sauces.

Shrimp paste is rich in protein, calcium and fatty acids, adding a little to fried meat, fried vegetables and noodles can greatly Improve the umami taste of dishes, and can also be used as hot pot seasoning.

Sour plum sauce< /span>

The main raw material of sour plum sauce is salted green plum, the taste There is a little spicy in the sweet and sour, and the aroma is fresh. It is often used as a seasoning for sweet and sour dishes or as a dipping sauce. In many areas of Guangdong, roast duck and goose will be dipped in sour plum sauce .

People love to use sauce for a long time. Almost every family will prepare several sauces. Each sauce is a delicacy made through multiple processes. Whenever we feel that the taste of the dish is not enough and the appetite is lost, adding a spoonful of sauce will always increase our appetite.

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