During the divorce, the man and his mother-in-law “calculated” his wife, and thirteen years taught him a lesson


Marriage is like a winding mountain road. The green scenery covers the direction ahead, and you can’t see what’s going on. There is no way to see where the end point is at an intersection.

Love is like a balloon flying high in the sky. When in love, it rises and falls, as if in the clouds. .

Love is easy, marriage is not easy, and maintaining a marriage requires wisdom and courage.

In a marriage, there are always people who pay more and get less, and there are also people who have worked hard and been persistent, and finally have to end in divorce.

When divorced, the person who loves deeply is often weaker. Because I am reluctant, because I still love, it will always be difficult to say goodbye. How deep the love is, you can see it when you get divorced. For the person who loves deeply, money and real estate are not as important as the other person. Therefore, when separating, the person who loves deeply often doesn’t care so much about the division of property.



When in love, two Personally, what I care about is the feeling between each other, the love to drink water, and the longing and expectation for marriage. But in fact, after two people get married, they will find that they face many more real problems than imagined.

The conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the first hurdle in the relationship between husband and wife. If the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not good, then the marriage relationship will definitely be affected.

Because, a man is caught in the middle, neither wanting to offend his mother, nor his wife. Over time, the two women will become incompatible.

Yu Fang’s mother-in-law never wanted to see her. Although she worked hard at home and took care of the whole family, her mother-in-law always picked on her prick.

In the winter, the mother-in-law would not let Yu Fang use the washing machine, saying that the electricity bill is too expensive now, and women should know how to be diligent and thrifty in housekeeping. Throughout the winter, Yu Fang’s hands have always been Inflamed.

There are many things like this, and Yu Fang sometimes confides her grievances to her husband, and her husband is busy with work, so he always tells Yu Fang not to worry about her mother. If there are too many, the husband will even blame Yu Fang, saying that she doesn’t know how to be filial to the elderly, and doesn’t know how to share the burden for her husband.

In a marriage, the neglected conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will destroy the relationship between husband and wife again and again.

Yu Fang had accumulated too much grievance and disappointment with her husband, and finally filed for divorce. The mother-in-law did not realize the ultimate reason for the breakdown of her son’s marriage, and instead advised her son , Said: “Son, the daughter-in-law is going to divorce, you take the property, give her the child, and the child will still call you father when he grows up!”

Deng Hui listened to his mother and gave up. Yu Fang took custody of the child and did not give Yu Fang any property. Yu Fang finally took the child and left the house. The mother-in-law won the final victory, but she didn’t know that her actions would only harm her son.



Everyone goes through a In the gloomy time, some people gave up on themselves, while some regrouped, defeated the decadent self, and ushered in a better tomorrow.

After the divorce, Yu Fang was depressed for a long time. It was the child, which awakened the motivation in her heart. No matter what, the child no longer had the love of his father, and she could no longer Let the kids down.

After sending her children to school, Yu Fang began to look for a job. She didn’t have a penny of property and needed money everywhere in her life. She started from the bottom and paid I worked twice as hard as others, and finally, my life gradually got better.

During this period of time, she met a man named Yang Jun, who was also hurt emotionally, and it is easier for two people who have the same experience to understand each other , the heart is slowly approaching.

Yu Fang thinks that Yang Jun is a very down-to-earth person, and more importantly, he treats his children very well, just like his own, and will accompany them every day play games.

Take the child to the amusement park on weekends, buy all kinds of toys and delicious food for the child, and the child also regards him as his father.

Yu Fang and Yang Jun remarried, and thirteen years passed in a blink of an eye. These thirteen years of happy life made her completely forget the hurt she had suffered, and thought that I will never have any interaction with my ex-husband again.

Thirteen years after Deng Hui divorced, lying on the hospital bed, he still felt that his ex-wife was the best.

After his divorce, he never found a more suitable woman, nor did he take the initiative to visit his child once. When he was seriously ill and hospitalized, all he thought was That kind and gentle ex-wife.

He got in touch with his ex-wife and asked to see the child. Yu Fang took the child to the hospital. The child has grown up and is sensible. The man on the hospital bed felt extremely strange.

Deng Hui looks forward to his child being able to call himself “Dad”, but the child is close to “Step-Dad” and does not want to call him Dad.

At that time, Deng Hui realized how wrong he was. He gave up the greatest happiness he had ever had. Now, only regret is with him.

The first marriage is often the happiest, because each other is together because of love. When making the decision to separate, you must also know how to give the person you once loved the last guarantee.

Blood relationship cannot be changed, but when a child is young, what he needs is the company and love of his parents. Blood relationship is also like a stranger.


When divorced, What do men and women care more about?

When the marriage comes to an end, choosing to let go is actually a kind of love. It is to give the other party freedom and let him continue to find the happiness he wants.

When it comes to divorce, men tend to be more rational, while women are more emotional. Women tend to have a harder time after divorce. Especially with children, it will greatly increase the difficulty of employment.

If a man really cares about children and the woman he once married, he will think about the woman for the last time when he divorces, and give her a guarantee of life.

Often you can’t have your cake and eat it too. When divorced, a man who does not value family and love will eventually be let down by love.

Marriage is like two people raising a pot of flowers together. Only by constantly watering and fertilizing can they thrive. But sometimes, separation is also a helpless choice.

I believe that many people have gone through a long process of suffering before getting divorced. People have also changed from impulsiveness to rationality and prudence. Even analyze from all aspects whether to divorce, how to divide property in divorce.

Two people got married because of love, but divorced because of love. There must be more entanglements in the middle, in addition to money, items, and the children of the two. He used to be the crystallization of love, but when he divorced, he became an innocent victim.

When you get divorced, it is the last expression of affection to get together well and take good care of your children’s inner world.

Some people say that every child is an angel with broken wings. He is willing to come to this house and choose two people to be parents. You must treat your child well and give him the best company.

Even if you are divorced, don’t forget your responsibilities as a parent, and always be by your child’s side to prevent him from being hurt because of the broken family.


When you get divorced, who cares more about children, a man or a woman?

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