How exactly is body odor caused? Reminder: These 4 methods can help reduce odor, try it

Body odor, also known as underarm odor, is a skin disease that emits abnormalities from the armpit. It is a very embarrassing disease, although not life-threatening, but because of the unpleasant smell, it has a particularly large social impact on patients and others.

Many people will be very puzzled after suffering from body odor. Why do they suffer from this embarrassing disease?

In fact, the occurrence of body odor is related to many factors, the most common of which is problems with the secretion of sweat glands. Excessive secretion of sweat glands and excessive sweat will cause body odor.

In addition, do not pay attention to personal hygiene, like smoking and drinking, prefer spicy food, or Poor air permeability of clothes will lead to body odor. Some people’s body odor can even be inherited from their parents.

If there is body odor, it is natural to find a way to solve it. Many people directly pluck the armpit hair in order to improve the phenomenon of body odor, and want to remove the odor in this way.

In fact, this kind of behavior is very undesirable. The existence of armpit hair has its reasons. It can prevent excessive friction between the underarm skin and have the function of protecting the skin. If the armpit hair is pulled out, not only will the skin be prone to allergies, redness, and swelling, but the skin will become more sticky after sweating without the effect of armpit hair, which will also result in more serious body odor.

How to get rid of body odor?

1. Take a bath frequently

I believe everyone knows that body odor is more serious in summer, which is also because of the high temperature in summer and more sweat The edge is solid. If you can keep your underarms fresh and dry, the symptoms of body odor will be greatly improved. In summer, you should take a bath every day, or twice a day if possible, and put on breathable, comfortable clothes after you take a bath.

2. Adjust diet

Irritant food can aggravate the symptoms of body odor. If you want to get rid of body odor, dietary adjustment is very important. You should focus on light food in your life, and you must abstain from alcohol. Alcohol’s unique high volatility will accelerate sweating and aggravate body odor. In addition, pepper, ginger, tobacco, coffee and other stimulating foods should also be avoided, so as not to aggravate body odor.

3. Artemisia argyi to remove body odor

Ai leaf is a common Chinese herbal medicine. effect is also very obvious. Dry the mugwort leaves and break them into pieces, add appropriate amount of alum and salt to dry fry together, then wrap them with gauze while it is hot, and apply them to the armpits. After a period of persistence, the symptoms of body odor will be significantly improved, but attention must be paid temperature to avoid burning yourself.

Although body odor is only a minor disease, it will have a great impact on personal social life and life. It is obviously not feasible to remove body odor by plucking armpit hair.

If you want to remove body odor, you should pay attention to personal hygiene, take a bath frequently, pay attention to light diet, you can also use mugwort hot compress, you can also use antiperspirant lotion, surgery and other methods to remove body odor, all of which are very good Effect.