Do you have to take medicine if you have high blood lipids? In addition to taking medicine, what other ways to lower blood fat?

Hyperlipidemia is one of the three highs, and its incidence rate is also increasing year by year. After high blood lipids are found, timely intervention is needed to prevent blood lipids from continuing If it rises, it will cause relatively large damage to blood vessels and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

More and more people are also aware of the danger of high blood lipids. Therefore, after checking the problem of high blood lipids, it will also appear I am quite nervous. In order to better stabilize blood lipids, most people will need to intervene with medication after they are found to have high blood lipids.

Is it true that as long as the blood fat is high, you have to take medicine?

No, it depends on the situation. Although some people have high blood lipids, it is only a little higher than the normal level, which belongs to Slightly highIn this case, ifwithout high blood pressure or high blood sugar , and no coronary heart disease or other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but blood lipids are a little high.

Most of themdo not require medication intervention, the doctor will suggest life adjustment first, but Regular review, after finding that the effect of life intervention is not obvious, it will be adjusted in time, and medication may be needed.

Under normal circumstances, it is only a little higher, and there is a chance to return to the normal level through life intervention, unless life conditioning is not done well, This requires the patient to be more self-disciplined.

For people who need medication intervention, most of the blood lipid levels will be higher than the normal level, and one thing needs to be clarified is that the blood lipids are elevated, You need to look at multiple indicators, including cholesterol, which are low-density and high-low-fat Protein level, and total cholesterol level, and one< strong>Triglycerides, these indicators taken together will be more conducive to the control of blood lipids.

The more important indicators are the levels of triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein. If it is significantly higher than the normal level, it means that the blood viscosity is relatively high. If the medication is not timely, it may accelerate< /span>Plaqueformation, may form after sheddingthrombus.

The possibility of atherosclerosis in the arteries will also increase, so , in order to avoid the continuous rise of blood lipid levels, timely intervention is very important, whether it is life intervention or drug intervention, it must be done well.

Is it necessary to use medication? Important, be sure to follow the doctor’s orders to take medicine.

So, once you take medicine for high blood lipids, do you have to take medicine for life?

Depends, not absolute, for some For the general population, in order to better stabilize blood lipids and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other complications, it is necessary to take drugs for a long time.

For examplePatients who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease are more at risk, blindly suspending medication may make blood vessel blockage more serious and cause serious cardiovascular damage.< /span>

There are some peopleThe blood lipid level is relatively high , not only the low-density lipoprotein level is much higher than the normal level, but the total cholesterol level is also high. In this case, in order to better stabilize blood lipids, it is necessary to take lipid-lowering drugs for a long time.

OlderPeople may also need to take lipid-lowering drugs for a long time, especially if they are accompanied by high blood pressure or High blood sugar requires long-term use of related drugs to avoid more problems.

If none of the above conditions,< strong>It’s just a bit higher, and it has no effect under life intervention. After switching to drug adjustment, blood lipids remain in a stable state for a long time, and it may be possible to stop it under the guidance of a doctor. medicine.

In addition, there is another situation where the drug can also be stopped, butsimply elevated triglycerides, related to taking After the drug, it is well controlled, and the cause of the elevated triglycerides has been found and can be controlled. In this case, you can communicate with the doctor to see if the drug can be stopped.

After high blood lipids, besides taking medicine, how can I lower blood lipids?

Insist on moderate exercise

Many studies have shown that long-term adherence to moderate exercise is beneficial to the regulation of blood lipids. It can help improve human metabolism, speed up blood circulation, reduce fat accumulation, and improve blood viscosity. , so as to achieve the effect of auxiliary blood fat reduction.

A more suitable exercise is some gentle aerobic exercise, such asBrisk walking, Jogging, aerobics, and cycling, these sports all help to metabolize excess fat in the body.

Adjust diet

Increase the intake of foods that are good for blood vessels in the diet, and reduce fat intake. If you can eat more foods that can help metabolize fat, it will be more beneficial to regulate blood lipids.

It is recommended to eat more foods, there will bewhole grains, fish, vegetables and fruits , these foods not only contain low fat, but also contain some substances that are beneficial to regulate blood lipids, such as unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant substances, dietary fiber and vitamins, which are good for protecting blood vessels and lowering blood lipids of.

Quit smoking and drinking in time

Many people have high blood lipids, which are caused by tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol contain more harmful substances. Excessive intake will easily stimulate blood vessels and make blood vessels less elastic. It is easy to cause blood viscosity to increase, resulting in the problem of high blood lipids.

If the problem of high blood lipids has been detected, you must quit smoking and drinking in time to avoid more damage, Don’t be too hasty, it may be easier to succeed if you quit step by step.

If your blood lipids are high, you should find a way to lower your blood lipids, whether you need to take medicine or not, Life conditioning is very important, so we can’t be careless. Of course, there should be fewer mistakes in medication, which will be more beneficial for lowering blood lipids.