Lip color can actually judge whether the body is healthy? Traditional Chinese Medicine: It can be analyzed from 4 aspects, you might as well take a look

All parts of the human body are inextricably linked. Therefore, people can judge internal diseases by observing some external manifestations of the body. For example, one can know the health status of the body by observing the lips.

The lips of healthy people are generally rosy, shiny, elastic, and moderately dry and wet. If there is a problem with the body, the lips will also change accordingly. Let’s find out together!

1. Black lips

When the weather turns cold, the lips will turn black , This is due to the drop in temperature, which causes the body’s blood circulation to slow down. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. After the temperature rises, the color of the lips will return to normal.

But if your lips are dark for a long time, you should be alert to health problems. Long-term black lip color is probably caused by body cold and yang deficiency. Such people are usually prone to cold hands and feet, mental fatigue, and diarrhea >, there will also be symptoms of chest tightness and shortness of breath.

How to adjust?

People with dark lips can eat more warm food in their daily life, such as longan, jujube, etc. , you can properly consume more high-calorie foods to supplement your body with enough protein and fat.

In addition, in the process of cooking, you can also add some hot condiments, such as pepper, ginger, cinnamon, etc., these foods can promote blood circulation and improve lips Symptoms of darkening.

Second, purple lip color

Purple lip color is generally caused by blood stasis. This kind of situation is easy to happen to people with poor lungs, and long-term sedentary will also have this symptom. The above two types of people have qi and blood stasis due to poor flow of qi and blood, resulting in purple lips.

How to adjust?

Persons with purple lips should participate in physical activities in their daily lives, such as jogging, brisk walking, etc., to make the body sweat slightly and promote blood circulation cycle. In terms of diet, you should also eat more foods that promote blood circulation and dredge collaterals. You can also use mugwort leaves and motherwort to soak your feet in water, which will help improve your blood stasis physique.

Fourth, the lip color is dark red

Although the color of the lips is red, it should be pinkish red, If the lips look very dark and red, it means that there is fire in the body, which is a sign of getting angry.

How to adjust?

People with deep red lips should drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables, and they can also drink some Chinese patent medicines for conditioning, such as honeysuckle granules, etc. Wait.

To sum up, if the lip color changes abnormally, such as turning black, white, purple or dark red, it means that the red light of health has been turned on. Next, the cause should be judged according to the changes of the lips, and positive adjustments should be made to improve the symptoms.

So, everyone should pay more attention to the changes of their lips, and don’t miss the reminders from the body to avoid aggravating the condition.