How can a man maintain his prostate? 4 things lead to “prostatitis”, people who understand will not touch

“Doctor, I have suddenly found it difficult to urinate in the past few days. Dull pain, what’s wrong?”

38-year-old Mr. Sun is a senior white-collar worker,< /span>Usually he is very busy at work and often works overtime until one or two o’clock, but in his spare time he will still take some time to strengthen exercise and maintain a long-term physical examination habit.

Recently, Mr. Sun suddenly felt that his urination function was abnormal, which manifested as< strong>Frequent urination, urgency, unclean urination. Mr. Sun thought that he had a urinary tract infection because he did not pay attention to hygienic habits After the urological examination, he found that there were < /span>A certain number of white blood cells and pus cells, urine pathogenic bacteria culture is negative, It turned out that I was suffering from< span>Acute prostatitis.

The doctor issued a prescription for Mr. Sun Some pain-relieving medicines, told him to do more squats and hip and leg stretches recently, drink more water and exercise more, and provided some dietary suggestions that can promote the improvement of inflammation.

The doctor mentioned that the outbreak of acute prostatitis, It is an aseptic inflammation caused by local blood circulation disorder caused by long-term extrusion of the prostate. It is related to Mr. Sun’s long-term sitting posture in the office and lack of activities. If you want to keep the prostate healthy, you must not only stay away from many pathogenic factors, but also learn to take good care of it.

Mr. Sun suddenly realized that as he grows older, he has been paying more attention to various functions of the body. When I have time, I will do some physical exercise and exercise restraint in my diet; but I have always neglected the health of the prostate, and only then realized that this part is actually easily affected.

In fact, not only Mr. Sun, but many Young and middle-aged men pay more or less little attention to the prostate, and their understanding is limited to the physiological structure and some basic functions.

As everyone knows, as an important accessory of the reproductive system, if you want to keep the prostate healthy, there is really no knowledge in it Small.

One. Why do men get prostatitis?

The prostate gland is an accessory part of the male reproductive system, located deep in the pelvic cavity, surrounded by various organs and tissues, with the pubic bone in the front and the rectum in the back; it bears the bladder on the top and the urethra on the bottom, which is also the opening of the urethra Part of.

Prostate attachment A contractile sphincter that acts like a gatecontrolling the flow of urine. When the prostate function is impaired, it is easy to experience abnormal urination just like Mr. Sun. At the same time, it has sexual function, and as a gland, it can also produce and transport malesSemen.

The prostate is like a transfer station, participating in the maintenance of the normal operation of the male reproductive system, daily life There are four aspects that can lead to prostatitis. If you want to take good care of this part, you must stay away in time.

(1) Excessive extrusion

Excessive extrusion Pressure is the factor that most directly affects the health of the prostate in our daily life.

There are many glandular ducts in the prostate gland. The secretion function is strong but the lumen is narrow, so it is very sensitive to extrusion.

For office workers like Mr. Sun, sitting for a long time is the main reason. Keeping a sitting posture for a long time can easily squeeze blood vessels and causepoor circulation. Because the prostate gland has a secretory function, blood circulation disorders will cause the fluid discharge in the gland to be blocked and silted up, which will cause local inflammation.

For long-term riding For people such as bicycle, motorcycle and rock climbing enthusiasts, the crotch is also easily squeezed by the seat and seat belt for a long time; improper selection of underwear materials and tight underwear can easily cause the circulation of the prostate to be blocked; in addition, some men If there is no attention and frequency during prostate massage, it will also cause prostatitis due to excessive extrusion.

(2) Local infection

Infection is the most common pathological factor of prostatitis, there are many reasons for infection,such as< /span>Unclean personal hygiene, bad urination habits, secondary inflammation in other parts, etc.

The prostate is located deep in the pelvis and cannot be touched from outside the body, but it is connected to the urethra and thereby communicates with the It communicates with the outside world, and pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses from the outside world can enter the prostate through the urethra.

Because of the physiological structure of the male reproductive part, it is easy to hide dirt, if it is not cleaned in time or in place , will give pathogenic microorganisms an opportunity.

Hold Urine is also a major cause of prostatitis induced by infection. When the urine cannot be discharged in time and is retained in the bladder, if the urine contains pathogenic bacteria, the probability of bacterial infection of the prostate will be greatly increased, and it is very easy to cause urinary tract infection;

If the urine contains some substances with low solubility, it is easy to deposit on the inner wall of the urethra during the retention process, causing blockage. This in turn leads to inflammation.

When infection occurs elsewhere in the body,for example span>Urinary tract infection, vesiculitis, epididymitis, and inflammation near the rectum by < /span>Because of the structural connection and body fluid circulation, if not treated in time, secondary infection of the prostate often occurs, causing dysuria and even abnormal sexual function.

(3) Unscientific sex life

Sex life is a pleasant thing, once it is labeled as “unscientific”, it is easy to become the culprit of non-infectious prostatitis. Unscientific sex life generally includes Excessive frequency, forced interruption, excessive restraint. Whether it is unrestrained frequent sex life, or sudden interruption in the process and long-term depression, Temperance, it is easy to cause excessive abnormal congestion in the prostate.

Congestion will slow down the physiological circulation of the prostate, block the metabolism, and cause inflammation to a certain extent. At the same time, because part of the nerve bundle responsible for male erectile function is out of shape and the surface of the prostate, When the prostate gland becomes inflamed, the nerves here are also affected, resulting in erectile dysfunction.< /p>

(4) Long-term poor mental state and depression< /span>

Like the occurrence of female mammary gland nodules, the occurrence of male prostatitis is also closely related to emotional and spiritual factors to a certain extent Relationship.

Related data show that staying up late, mental stress, and heavy psychological burden can often induce sympathetic nerve excitement. coke Anxiety and depression can also lead to autonomic dysfunction. When the above abnormalities appear, it may be accompanied by typical prostatitis symptoms such as dysuria and pelvic floor muscle pain. If you want to prevent prostatitis, in addition to paying attention to personal habits and lifestyle, it is very necessary for emotional regulation and self-suggestion.

If you want To prevent prostatitis, early prevention is more important than timely treatment when inflammation occurs. The prostate plays a pivotal role in the male reproductive system. Pay attention to maintenance in daily life to keep away from inflammation and pathological changes to the greatest extent.

two. How do men maintain the prostate gland

If you want to maintain the prostate gland well, you must first try to stay away from several major factors that can cause prostatitis.

Due to oppression of the prostate It is very sensitive. In daily life, you should pay attention to the long-term extrusion of this part.

< span>First of all, avoid sitting for a long time

Sedentary means that the end of the day Sitting time > 8 hours or at least 2 times a day for a continuous sitting time > 2 hours, similar to the above situation > 20 days per month, lasting > 3 months.

When sitting upright for a long time, it is recommended to leave the seat every 1-1.5 hours for 5-10 minutes of relaxation activities. Mainly focus on standing on tiptoe, stretching the legs and relaxing the lumbosacral region. It can be combined with some on-site items to increase the activity intensity, such as leg raising with tables and chairs as support, standing against the wall, and neck muscle resistance exercises against the wall.

Secondly, increase exercise

Expand the type and amount of exercise in spare time, recommend 30min/time, 1-2 times/day, 5-7 days /week of moderate intensity training withsquats, jumpsLong distance, yoga, swimming are better; lumbosacral and thigh rootsstretch and relax Movement also has a good effect on promoting blood circulation in the prostate.

Moreover, the movement can also be adjusted People’s emotions, relieve psychological anxiety, and reduce prostatitis caused by mental factors

Because the prostate is more sensitive to temperature , Congestion is prone to occur after being exposed to cold, so warm water is the best when cleaning, and it is not recommended to use medicinal cleansers when there are no other diseases, so as not to destroy the normal microflora balance on the body surface and affect immunity.

Third, pay attention to the regularity of sexual life

As mentioned above, Whether it is unrestrained frequent sex life, or the sudden interruption of the process, as well as long-term depression and restraint, it is easy to induce abnormal congestion of the prostate gland and cause inflammation.

Many men have reached the standard in daily exercise time and living habits, but they may still have repeated prostate problems of inflammation. This is due to carelessness in diet. To maintain the prostate gland, try your bestto quit smoking and drinking, and reduce your sugar intake.

Both alcohol and tobacco A common stimulant, sugar is also an accomplice to many types of inflammation. Reducing the intake of these three types of substances is not only beneficial to the maintenance of the prostate, but also beneficial to the health of the human body without any harm. In terms of ingredients, eat morezinc-containing foods such as seafood, whole grains, legumes, etc. Zinc can enhance the anti-infective effect of the prostate.

Whether it is an office worker or a student party, men of all ages should also cultivate< strong>The habit of drinking plenty of water. In addition to ensuring that the daily drinking water is about 1500ml, you must also pay attention to the way of drinking water. The required water intake is best distributed evenly over the various time periods. When the urge to urinate occurs, it is beneficial to the smoothness of the prostate and the metabolism of the body to resolve it in time.

As an important glandular tissue in men, the prostate is responsible for many functions such as controlling urination, transportation and maintaining sexual function. When the prostate is not functioning properly, it can have an impact on our emotional health and quality of life.

There are many predisposing factors for prostatitis. Inflammation is not terrible, but protracted prostatitis with repeated infection will also have many adverse consequences such as dysuria, pain in private parts and even sexual dysfunction. In the face of these problems, men should raise awareness of prevention and learn to maintain the prostate in daily life, from posture, exercise, cleaning, sex life, diet< span> multi-faceted work together. have good physical fitness,In order to have a better life experience!


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