When there is a problem with the liver, the body may light up 4 “red lights” in advance, which cannot be ignored

Now people’s living standards have improved significantly, but the incidence of liver disease has become higher and higher;

This is because many foods now contain additives, even vegetables and fruits may have Pesticide residues, after excessive intake of these substances that are not beneficial to the body or even harmful, they must rely on the liver to gradually metabolize them;

So it is easy to induce liver disease, and when liver disease occurs, the body often These four “red lights” will be turned on in advance, and must not be ignored.

1. Dull complexion

The complexion of a healthy person should be white and rosy, which also shows that the body The blood in the body runs relatively smoothly, and when there is a problem with the liver, the face may gradually become dull;

This is because the liver and hematopoiesis Function has a lot to do with it. If the liver cannot function normally, not only the hematopoietic function will be abnormal, but harmful substances in the body will also be difficult to be metabolized, resulting in deposition in the body, so the skin looks dull .

3. Loss of appetite

At least 70% of the bile in the human body is produced by the liver, and bile can neutralize gastric acid When the liver cannot complete its normal function, the bile produced will be significantly reduced;

Gastric acid cannot be neutralized and there will be stomach discomfort, although there is often no obvious Pain, but it will also lead to a decrease in appetite, and there will be a situation where you can’t eat. At this time, you may be suffering from liver disease.

4. Dyspepsia

Bile can not only neutralize stomach acid, but also promote the body’s complete and normal digestive function.

The bile secreted will be reduced, and the ability to digest food will also be reduced, resulting in more prone to indigestion;

Severe It is possible to suffer from other digestive system diseases due to long-term indigestion, so be careful of the threat of liver disease when frequent indigestion occurs.

< p>If you already have the early signs of the disease, you can also make targeted improvements in time to avoid serious liver disease. Not only will your body feel more painful, but it will also threaten your health, which is not worth the candle.