How a man truly loves a woman: “Three fears”

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

Love, Like a kind of magical magic, it will quietly change a person.

Let the reserved people become bold; let the dull people become romantic;

When a man really loves a woman deeply, he will show a “not very smart” look.

When love enters the heart, it is often difficult for men to maintain a stable mood and think rationally. He’ll get torn, worried, even scared.

Spinoza said: “Without hope there is no fear, and without fear there is no hope.”

When a man really loves a woman, he will be very “scared”.

In front of his lover, he habitually shows weakness and pampers her with all his heart. Even if you give everything, you are still afraid that you are not doing well enough. Fear of not being strong enough to give women the life they want.

A man who really loves a woman will have “three fears”.

02. Afraid that women will not be firm, turn around and leave

Although men seem to be very rational, in love, they are actually very easy to become anxious about gains and losses because of fear of losing.

When love is deep, a man is afraid that a woman’s heart will not be firm, and that she will turn around and leave at any time.

In “Please advise me for the rest of my life”, Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao have a good impression of each other, and the relationship has been developing in a hazy way.

Until Shao Jiang appeared, he and Lin Zhixiao were both lovers of learning musical instruments. They had known each other for a long time, were about the same age, and had a deep friendship.

Moreover, Shao Jiang obviously has a crush on Lin Zhixiao, which makes Gu Wei keep thinking wildly. He was afraid that Lin Zhixiao would abandon him and throw himself into Shao Jiang’s arms.

The mature and prudent Gu Wei became childish and childish. It wasn’t until Lin Zhixiao said that he didn’t like Shao Jiang that he was really relieved.

The deeper a man loves, the more he fears losing the woman he likes.

Hong Huang said: “When the older generation fall in love, they haven’t held hands yet, but their hearts are already full of affection.”< /p>

When a man really loves a woman, his heart will go back and forth, constantly guessing her feelings. If there is any uncertainty in the relationship between each other, it will make him worry and worry, and even have trouble sleeping and eating.

Because of love and caring, I am afraid of losing her.

03. Afraid of women getting angry, always caring about her feelings

< p data-track="28">To judge whether a man loves a woman, you can tell when she is angry.

From the bottom of his heart, when a man doesn’t love a woman enough, he will often feel confident when she is angry. No comfort, no explanation, even he would choose to ignore a woman’s emotions.

Because he doesn’t love, he never worries that a woman will leave him because of anger.

On the contrary, when love is deep, a man will be afraid of a woman getting angry. Whenever there is a running-in in life, men will pay special attention to women’s feelings.

Especially, when a woman is angry, a man can let go of his figure and carefully please her.

Sanmao said: “Patience, tenacity, understanding, tolerance, tolerance are all synonymous with love. “

The man will become very gentle, he will carefully observe the various subtle expressions on her face, and he will see the real joy and sorrow in her eyes .

When a woman feels sad and helpless, a man can always appear like a knight to protect his princess.

< p data-track="36">In life, men will give women the most tender and considerate love, because they are afraid that she will be angry, afraid that she will cry, and afraid that she will be unhappy.


04. I am afraid that I am not good enough to give women happiness

After a man has his own heart, he will consider the future life of the two. He hopes that the one he loves will be happy and that he can spend the rest of his life with each other.

Being a man, When he recognizes a woman from the bottom of his heart, he will work hard to marry her.

However, he is worried that he will not be able to give her a warm home, and he will not have a strong enough Economic strength allows her to have no worries about food and clothing, and she can live as she pleases.

If you marry her, you will have to live a hard life without seeing the hope and light of the future, man I will be very guilty in my heart.

When love is deep, men have many expectations for each other’s love. I am afraid that the two of us will not be able to go on well, and I am afraid that I will not be able to give her happiness , so I will strictly demand myself and spur myself to progress and grow.

He is very afraid that he is not good enough to give her happiness; he is also afraid that if he does not do well, he will lose her beloved.

When a man loves a woman deeply from the bottom of his heart, he will become inferior and unconfident. However, because of his deep love, he will constantly ask himself to grow and improve.

Until, I have the ability to give happiness to my beloved; Until, I can straighten my waist and stand by her side.


05, Wen Qiusheng’s message

Love is so deep that it is hard to control. When giving sincerity for love, men will also become afraid from the bottom of their hearts.

Fear is a kind of love, not a kind of weakness.

If you really love a woman, a man will think about many issues around her. The “fear” shown is actually a natural expression of affection.

Women, if there is a man who is afraid that you will be angry, that you will be unhappy, and that you will not be able to give you a future, please cherish him. If it wasn’t because of love to the bone, how could a man with strong bones become “cowardly like a mouse”.

The deeper you love, the more you will be “afraid” of the woman you like.

“Fear” is a man’s deep affection, and it is also a kind of preference he gives to women. On the road of life, do it and cherish it.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.