Hong Kong’s new crown cases exceeded 10,000 for two consecutive days, BA.5 swept Asia, and the rebound did not peak

Hong Kong’s new crown epidemic has experienced a long period of time from fighting the epidemic to lying flat to continuous. At present, the daily infection rate is still at a high level, and the number of confirmed infections in the past two days has been 10,000. The above shows that the epidemic has rebounded.

D.C. anti-epidemic experts said that the immediate effective reproduction rate of the virus recently exceeded 1.3, which is an indicator of how many people a confirmed case will spread to. If 1 person is recruited today, and after the first infection generation, the number increases to 5 people infected, then the “immediate effective reproduction rate” can be understood as 5. After another infection generation, there are 25 cases, The “immediate effective reproduction rate” will continue to remain at 5, and the number of infected people will increase exponentially. This number has recently risen to above 1, indicating that the epidemic is on the rise and rebounding, and this trend has not peaked yet.

In addition, in terms of epidemic virus strains, through identification, it is determined that the current variant strain in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is dominated by BA.5, which has accounted for more than 50% of the infection rate, reaching 55.5%, which is consistent with the entire Many high epidemic areas in Asia are consistent, especially those in Japan, South Korea and Turkey. At present, the number of confirmed infections in these countries is around 70,000 to 120,000. Among them, the number of deaths in this wave of epidemics in Japan has exceeded 7,000. The paralysis of the hospital makes it difficult to treat other patients.