The epidemic in Asia continues to have high fever, Japan collapses, and South Korea has 70,000 cases per day. Lying flat means repeated infections

The global epidemic still does not mean to stop, especially some former top students in anti-epidemic, such as Japan and South Korea, since lying flat and giving up anti-epidemic, the spread of the virus does not seem to mean to stop , continue to mutate in the direction of becoming more and more infectious, and the pathogenicity has not developed in the direction of more and more “peaceful” as many people imagined, or fluctuated from high to low, BA.5 is A typical representative of it is that it is not the so-called large flu at all, but a veritable large Omicron.

Japan’s seventh wave of the epidemic continues to have a high fever, and the number of positive diagnoses is still as high as 120,000 every day, and South Korea is not so much. Since the beginning of the month, the number of deaths due to the new crown in Japan has exceeded 7,000, which has brought a lot of pressure to the medical system. A large number of BA.5 infected people have fever and sore throat. Resources, the admission of critically ill patients to the intensive care unit has also consumed a large number of medical resources for critically ill patients, so that many hospitals in Japan have issued red cards, admitting that they cannot accept more patients.

The infectivity and pathogenicity of the new coronavirus is still much higher than that of the influenza virus. Therefore, it is less likely that the prevention and control level of the new crown epidemic will be reduced to the level of influenza. Protection, the recent continuous outbreak of epidemics in many parts of the country is caused by substandard virus protection, and if the prevention and control measures are slightly insufficient, the virus will take advantage of the situation and spread on a large scale. This needs to be fully recognized. Know.