hometown winter wind

The winter wind in my hometown is rather strange, maybe when it will appear.

The most unbearable The most common one is the strong wind in winter, which is called “red-eyed strong wind”, which is the strong wind that can make people’s eyes red. When the winter wind blows, it will blow the leaves from the trees, pile them up all over the ground, and run all over the street, and even blow down the weeds, making them hide in the corner of the wall, creaking, It seems to be telling the prosperity of the past.

When the wind rises, it can’t stop it, blowing the crown of the tree, drying the bark, and cracking the ground , It also cracked people’s lips and made their eyes red. In the strong wind, people who walk against the wind are very strenuous, even riding a bicycle can’t move. There is a plot in “Fengshen Yanyi”, that is, Su Daji saw an old man and a young man walking in the cold wind. Old men are not afraid of cold, but young people are afraid of cold. She said that the old man is not afraid of the cold, because the old man is born from the coitus of the parents when they were young, full of blood and bone marrow, and is not afraid of the cold; while the young is born of the coitus when the qi and blood of the parents are declining, the blood is depleted, and the bone marrow is not satisfied. He is a teenager, but he looks like an old man, so he is afraid of the cold. King Zhou didn’t believe it, so he brought the two men over, cut off their hands and feet on the spot, and looked at the condition of the bone marrow, and it was exactly as Daji said.

It seems that father’s sperm and mother’s blood are very important, but what King Zhou did is not advisable. The strong wind in winter can tell who has a stronger physique and who has a weaker physique. Some people are naturally afraid of the cold, and some people are not afraid of the cold. I am afraid of the cold, but when I was born, my parents were young. When winter comes, I have to wear thick cotton-padded jackets and trousers, otherwise I will be shivering from the cold. Even in winter, a classmate of mine only wears a pair of long johns, a pair of single trousers, a thin sweater on his upper body, and a jacket to keep out the cold. However, he was still shivering with cold, but he said he was not cold. Maybe, he was wearing such thin clothes just for the sake of demeanor but not warmth.

If the cold wind blows and snowflakes float, it will make people even colder. Snowflakes fell on my body, it was cold, and my hands were dry and cracked by the strong wind, which could cool my heart. When you open your mouth to speak, the teeth in your mouth will be blown cool by the wind. When you go home to eat, your teeth will be unbearably hot. If the wind blows hard, there will be sand in the mouth.

We go to school by bike, When encountering a strong wind, you have to go forward against the wind. Even if you use all your strength, you can only move forward a little. Sweating all over the body, the body is hot, and the skin outside the body is cold. When I arrived at school, I went to class for a while, and my body became cold, and the cold cotton jacket and trousers were stuck to my body. There is no heating or stove in the house, so it will not be cold if there are too many people. However, the cold cotton clothes on the body have to warm the body temperature, so it must be endured. When we go home, there will be a favorable wind, and the strong wind alone can blow us home without pedaling.

However, when the wind direction changes, you have to work hard again, sweat again, and go home Don’t take it off and bake it, just wear it like that, and it will be hot after eating.

It’s windy during the day, people don’t go out, cats are at home playing poker, playing mahjong, watching TV, resting with. If you go out, you have to put on a big padded jacket, a hat, and gloves, and walk quickly without staying on the street. Most of the pedestrians on the road have utilitarian purposes. When looking at pedestrians in a strong wind, it will be like a Zen master looking at boats on the river.

There is a strong wind at night, whining, and the paper on the window lattice is rattling, as if a monster is about to coming. At this time, we hid under the quilt, listening to the rattling of the paper on the window lattice, and felt a kind of happiness. If anyone walks the road at night, it must be some gambler, or a robber, or no one walks on a windy night.

I heard branches crunching and snapping. Early in the morning, Dad was going out to pick up branches. Mother wouldn’t let him go, but she couldn’t stop him. Dad said, if you don’t go, let others pick it up.

At that time, every household burned Dry firewood. Dry firewood is a treasure, it can make a fire for cooking. Dad wanted to go to the tree trip to pick up dry branches and bring them back to chop firewood. He wanted to take me there, but I was still in bed, and my mother wouldn’t let me go.

I thought, in the dark and strong wind, my father went to the tree outside the village to find dry branches, What audacity. If it were me, I wouldn’t dare to go out alone, let alone a windy night. My father promised me to pick up the branches, dragged them back and peeled the top for me.

When it was dawn, the strong wind was still blowing, but it had weakened a lot. When we were eating, before the sun came out, my father came back dragging a big branch. After eating, he gave me a spinning top.

I watched my father cut the top with an electrician knife, the cold wind made my teeth cold, and my forehead was cold , It hurt my face. However, Dad is not afraid of the cold. His hands were full of calluses and chapped. He was holding an electrician’s knife and was grinding the top with a smile. He also said that when he was a child, my grandfather never cared about him, not even cutting a top for him.

I seem to feel happy, but I don’t know how to express it. In the cold wind, I just looked at him like that, the sun came out, and the sun just shone on his face, and he seemed to be happy too.

When the sun reached the mid-heaven, the strong wind became smaller. I suddenly remembered that I had dinner last night When I saw a halo around the moon, I thought it was fun. The mother said, it was a wind clam, like a clam, and also like a scarf around a child’s neck, round and beautiful. In fact, it only indicates that a strong wind is coming.

The wind in winter is small and not warm, but swishing like a knife Face. Our hands and faces were chapped by the wind. There are crackles on the face and hands. During the Chinese New Year, soak it in hot water carefully, like soaking off a layer of skin.

It was already cold enough, the winter wind will bring more cold. The folks are avoiding the cold wind and the cold, looking forward to a warm spring, just like I am looking forward to a better tomorrow in bed.

Looking back now, my hometown and the winter wind are all frozen in my memory. Now that nutrition is sufficient, heating equipment is improved, and people don’t feel cold when they wear down jackets. There is no such thing as father’s sperm and mother’s blood, it’s just that people were malnourished in those years, and when they were blown by the cold winter wind, they immediately showed their original shape.