50 Atmospheric and Delicious Tea Gift Boxes, Best for New Years and Holidays (Part 1)

There are so many tea gift boxes on the marketIs it confusing for you? For this reason, the Gaide Ranking Tea Evaluation TeamCombined with the relevant data of Gaide in 2021-2022,help you to screen the whole network, span>Selected from different price points,50 high-selling and representative tea gift boxes of big brands,whether it is for business meetings or visiting relatives and friends ,It is also suitable for holiday gifts!


Chalihonglousan teabag gift box

It consists of four different types of original leaf tea, corresponding to the four girls in “A Dream of Red Mansions”. The packaging is exquisitely bronzed with antique elements, and the attached small bookmark is also full of Chinese style. The design is in line with the aesthetics of young people and is suitable for giving to friends.


Yuanzheng Tea Ticket Premium Lapsang Souchong Gift Box

The tea ticket series focuses on cost-effectiveness. The dry tea is made with a new smoke-free technology, and the bitterness is not obvious in the mouth. Buy a 150g three-can combination and come with a gift bag, within 100 yuan to send the elders’ first choice.


Heqia Guangyin Wuyi Cinnamon Gift Box

Baked by Zhongzu fire, The dry tea has a domineering and sharp cinnamon aroma and pure fruit aroma. The taste is full-bodied, the tea taste is full but not astringent, smooth and easy to drink. It is a distinctive and cost-effective cinnamon. The 100g can comes with a gift bag, which is suitable for old tea drinkers with a heavy taste.


Donglai Jasmine Phoenix Tail Needle Gift Box

Cover The recommended model after the in-depth evaluation is the combination of Fuzhou green tea and jasmine. After brewing, the aroma is fresh and sharp. The overall color of the gift box is mainly brown, with printed texture, which is simple and textured.


Daily Tea Bag Tea Gift Box

< p>The 21 types of tea are divided into three series: breakfast vitality, after-meal relief, and afternoon refreshment. The teas to drink in a day have been carefully matched, and you can drink fruit teas and milk teas. The design of the pull-out box is easy to take and put, suitable for the office to have a cup at any time.


Yuanzheng Honey Fragrance Golden Silk Core Gift Box

This kind of Jinsirui is specially made with Jinjunmei craftsmanship. The dry tea is black and yellow, with delicate golden hairs. After brewing, it is sweet and smooth, with a sweet floral and fruity aroma, which is suitable for the taste of most tea lovers. Buy 3 cans with handbag, generous gift.


2101 Batches of Gift Box of Dayi Heya Cooked Tea Cake

Choose five-year-old tea, the taste is mellow and mild, and it is more friendly to the stomach, suitable for all ages. The classic red gift box is added with good meaning elements such as koi and white lotus, which is very suitable for New Year greetings and family visits. Also There is a set menu of “Harmony and Elegance” that you can cook for a lifetime.


This Qihong Maofeng is rich in alcohol and resistant to foam, accompanied by the aroma of nectar. Big-name best-selling model, 5 small boxes with red gift bags, very good holiday gifts, especially for the elderly.


Fu tea gift box of Baishaxi Master Manor

Selected raw materials from old trees in Meishan After three times of fermentation, the dry tea strips are tightly knotted, and “golden flowers” are densely covered in the bricks, with a unique regional floral fragrance and a mellow taste. The black and gold packaging is matched with the gift bag of the same style, which is calm and calm, and is very suitable for parents and father-in-law.


Xiangyi Hunan Anhua black tea Qingxin gift box

Jingfahua After the process, the inside is densely covered with “golden flowers”, with a unique mushroom flower fragrance, the soup color is mellow, the taste is mellow, and the sweetness is high. The 1800g quantity is large and the price is excellent, even if it is used as a daily ration tea, it is also cost-effective, and you can get a free elegant cup and metal tea knife when you buy it.


Chinese tea dragon and phoenix tickets Pu’er raw and cooked combination gift box

< p>Including raw and cooked double cakes, among which the raw tea is selected from Mingqian tea cyanine above 1,700 meters in the Lancang River tea area as raw material, the tea soup is bright, pure and long-lasting. The combination pack only costs 188 yuan, and there is a gift box as a gift, which is very cost-effective.


Pinpinxiang Jianyu 2021 Shoumei Cake Gift Box

After a year of aging, the aroma and taste are better than the tea of ​​that year, and the taste is sweet and refreshing. The half-kilo pack is priced at a little over a hundred yuan, with multiple packaging of tissue paper + aluminum foil bag with sealing ring + gift box. The price/performance ratio is very good.


Chinese tea first-class white peony gift box

Raw material blending Fuding, Dabai tea from Zhenghe and Songxi tea areas has a relatively stable taste, light and sweet. Both the gift box and the gift bag are based on the colors used in the picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. The blue and white landscape painting packaging is super beautiful, and the price of 300g is just over 100 yuan, which is an affordable tea gift!


900-year-old ingenious duck dung incense gift box

Established for nearly ten years In 2010, the local reputation in Chaoshan has been good. This hot-selling single-clump has a silvery scent and a quiet aroma, suitable for tea lovers who have a mild taste or are used to drinking green tea. You can get a catty for less than 180 yuan, which is super cost-effective, and comes with two samples of the same style as a trial drink.


Sea Wall Yucheng Fragrance Tieguanyin Gift Box

Old brand state-owned enterprise, It is known as Minsheng tea. This kind of tea is not inferior to strong aroma tea in terms of aroma transformation. The dry tea has a fragrance of orchids, and after the soup comes out, you can smell the fragrance of grass and woods, and the taste is slightly sweet and sweet. Guochao style packaging, priced at a little over 100 yuan, can be used as daily ration tea.


Tianfu Mingcha Tieguanyin Gift Box

Accumulated sales of 30,000+ hot The sales version is lightly roasted. It tastes sweet and fresh while the soup feels thick and smooth in the mouth. It contains 4 small boxes, all of which are printed with the original shading pattern of Orchid Rhyme. The whole box can be sent to relatives and friends, or it can be disassembled into 4 gifts. The price is less than 160 yuan.


Huaxiangyuan Manor directly supplies tea Tieguanyin gift box

Take the high end Tea route, pioneering the concept of manor tea. This kind of buds and leaves are uniform and there are few broken leaves. After the production of Zhengyun technology, it is fully fermented. 200 yuan.


Dayi Mulan Small Golden Brick Puer Ripe Tea Gift Box

This Mulan Small Golden Brick Ripe Tea is a joint model with Disney. The packaging is red, black, and gold with interactive design. One brick and one brew are individually packaged. The price of 140g is about 130 yuan., as a souvenir or a self-drinking party trip, the price/performance ratio is not bad!


Chunlun impression jasmine tea gift box

Jasmine is produced in Fuzhou, dry tea Tight and thin with a fine tip, it has a more serene aroma than the mainstream Hengxian jasmine tea, and it is still sweet after brewing for three or five times. It is very suitable for new and old tea lovers. The daily price is 150 yuan, which is a cost-effective tea ceremony for hospitality.


Longjing gift box before the spring dawn of Shifeng

Mingqian tea tender The tea has a high degree of freshness, and the taste is lighter than before the rain, but the freshness is the highest among the teas in the whole year. The outer packaging is black and green, and it contains an independent tinplate can. The overall high-end and high-grade, the price is less than 160 yuan, which is really affordable and super value!


Biluo Brand Zhiyin Biluo Green Tea Gift Box

This is Yuqian premium tea, the cord is tight, thin and firm, and the raw material is fresh and tender. After soaking, you can clearly see the floating vellus hair, and the tea soup has a melodious aroma of beans. The packaging is mainly blue and silver, elegant and clean, and the price of half a catty is less than 200 yuan. Buy it and get free fruit tea.


Xie Yuda Qimen Black Tea Gongfu Black Tea Gift Box

China’s time-honored brand, this one not only uses traditional craftsmanship, but also pays special attention to the packaging, which is very Chinese-style. The design of the transparent film paper can directly view the tea pots and tea cups, showing the grade. It can be used as a business gift. It’s just right.


West Lake Brand Pre-Ming Premium Longjing Classic Tea Ceremony

West Lake Brand Premium Longjing tea has won the “Gold Medal” twice, the highest national tea product award. This is the top 1 gift box in the store, with a cumulative sales of 110,000+. Whether it is festive packaging or tea quality, the praise rate is very high, and the 100g package is 188 yuan.


Song Mingming’s first-class Anji white tea gift box

This is made by Produced by Xu Wanfu, the inheritor of Anji white tea frying, it is collected from one bud and one leaf before the Ming Dynasty. After Song Ming’s unique orchid-shaped frying process, the leaf shape is beautiful. The daily price is 199 yuan, which is decent enough for door-to-door gifts.


pp p>Wu Yutai Jasmine Fragrance Bud Gift Box

The first batch of “China Time-honored Brands” recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. This kind of buds are fat and strong, with obvious pekoe, which is more fragrant than ordinary roasted green tea It is beautiful and has a rich and mellow tea fragrance. The red bottom packaging is printed with painted jasmine flowers, which is smart and exquisite. It is an exquisite tea gift that can not be missed.