Electric massage constant temperature foot bath, this foot tub does not leak electricity and is easy to clean

Nowadays, soaking feet is no longer an exclusive health treasure for middle-aged and elderly people, but many young people also like it. This issue recommends the HITH Heated Massage Foot Bathtub, which heats up quickly and safely, with a constant temperature of up to 45 minutes. It has a built-in massage chair movement, and the massage is comfortable and does not hurt the feet.

HITH Heated Massage Foot Bathtub

Gate Evaluator Summary

< p>In the foot bath market, young people born in the 90s and 00s account for as high as 65%, and foot bathing is no longer a magic weapon for health preservation exclusively for middle-aged and elderly people. Young people use foot baths to relieve their fatigue. Traditional foot baths are filled with hot water, which only increases the burden. Electric foot baths are automatically heated and kept at a constant temperature. Most products can also provide electric massage, further making foot baths more enjoyable.

Faster heating speed and massage comfort mean a better user experience, but with water and electricity, you need to pay more attention to safety. HITH adopts the safest DPS heating method at present. In our actual experience, we did not feel any static numbness. At the same time, it can heat the water temperature from 30°C to 40°C within 7 minutes and maintain a constant temperature for 45 minutes.

Not only is the simple appearance changed from the usual old-fashioned shape, but the movement of the massage chair also makes the massage more comfortable and the cleaning more convenient, without worrying about medicine dregs and dead skin getting stuck in the massage roller. The universal wheels and telescopic pull belt make it easy to move on flat ground.

Sample screening

300 yuan is the mainstream price of foot tubs, and the quality of workmanship and ease of use will be better than that of foot tubs within 200 yuan. There will be edge burrs to scratch the skin, and water and electricity can be separated, so there is less “leakage” feeling, and the safety is higher.

Therefore, we set the screening range in the price range of 300-500 yuan, focusing on whether the product has leakage, water leakage, slow heating and other issues, and give priority to the foot bath tub that is easier to clean and easier to carry as the evaluation object .

Product Display

Different from the old-fashioned foot tub, HITH’s simple white design is more in line with the aesthetics of young people. There are not too many complicated function buttons on the whole machine, and all the functions can be included in a few simple ones, and the touch range is large, and the feedback is also very intuitive.


The temperature of HITH is set between 35-48℃, Each time the temperature button is pressed, the set temperature will increase by 1°C; and it supports 1-hour timing, and the interval between each timing is 5 minutes.

Set the temperature and turn it off

The massage roller has soft rubber The pad is covered and fits the arch of the foot, and can provide deep massage for the sole of the foot. The middle part of the foot tub is a foot bath medicine box, which can hold various foot bath medicine bags.

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Raise temperature to 40 in 7 minutes ℃, constant temperature for 45 minutes

You can only add hot water to soak your feet in wooden barrels or plastic basins, while you can directly add cold water to foot baths. A foot bath with better temperature control heats up quickly, maintains the temperature well, shortens the waiting time, and provides a better experience. Moreover, the temperature difference between each area is small, and there will be no situation where the soles of the feet are hot and the surrounding water is cold.

It is found that the HITH foot bath can raise the water temperature from 30°C to 40°C in 7 minutes, with an average increase of 1-2°C per minute. The temperature of the foot pad, barrel wall, and central area is always at the same level, and can be kept at a constant temperature for 45 minutes. Don’t worry about the water getting cold after soaking for a long time.

DPS water cycle, water and electricity separation does not “leakage”

The most worrying problem when using a foot bath is leakage, but except for some low-priced and inferior products of other brands , Most regular brand foot baths only generate static electricity, not the leakage of electricity that everyone is worried about, and it is not harmful to the normal human body.

This foot bath adopts DPS water circulation heating method, and uses multiple layers of magnesium powder to further isolate water and electricity, and there is no static tingling feeling during use. In principle, the safety of DPS no longer requires the use of water circulation mode, but it can also bring additional surfing functions.

Use a multimeter to measure and find no leakage phenomenon

Use experience

The foot massage is comfortable, and the water is not easy to spill

The 100-200 yuan foot bath basically uses roller or disc massage, and some even need to massage the feet by yourself.

HITH has a built-in massage chair movement, and a layer of soft rubber pad is added on the top. The massage method and strength are closer to human hands, and you don’t have to worry about scratching your feet.


After the experience, the reviewers believe that the massage cushion of HITH has a touch similar to that of an acupressure board, and there are differences in the three levels of strength and are all within the acceptable range.

The actual feeling of the surfing function is not obvious, but the flowing water has a certain soothing effect on the mind, and the overall feeling of soaking the feet is comfortable. The universal wheel has a lock design, and it will not move around when using it, causing water to spill out.

Water level to calf

The HITH inner barrel is 25cm high and the highest water level is 17.5cm, which can cover Sanyinjiao. It needs to be clear that there is no scientific research to prove that the deeper the foot, the better. Generally speaking, the water is just submerged when soaking the foot Ankles are fine, no need to deliberately pursue depth.

Ease of use

Clean drainage and good interior Cleaning

Most foot baths use roller massage. After the foot bath, cuticles, hair, and traditional Chinese medicine dregs tend to settle in the crevices, making it difficult to clean . HITH’s massage cushion is relatively smooth, and the machine has almost no dead ends, which is more hygienic and prolongs the service life of the product.

Open the low drain hole on the side to drain the water away. In fact, there will be a little residual water at the end, and it is not a problem to rinse it a little.

Because there is a medicine bag box, adding Chinese medicine when soaking feet will not leave residue in the barrel, and you can take it out after opening the box lid. The yellow strainer traps dander and the like in the basin to prevent debris from flowing into the circuit below when draining.

Normal water flow and massage sound, the noise is not too loud

In the massage mode, we measured the HITH working volume as 46.2 decibels, and after turning on the heating surf The working volume is 60.2 decibels. Even if the maximum gear is turned on, there is only normal water flow and massage sound, and the noise is not very disturbing.