High protein and low fat, it is still the “duck blood” of iron supplementation artifact, be careful before buying!

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Duck blood is an iron supplement, it is worth eating, but it must be bought from regular channels.


For friends who like to eat duck blood, duck blood is not the icing on the cake, whether it is Maoxuewang, duck blood vermicelli soup, Yongzhou blood duck, Guangxi vinegar blood duck, double mushroom Fried duck blood, duck blood is their soul!

However, there have been many negative reports about duck blood in the past few years, either saying that it is not worth eating, or that the duck blood that is bought every day is fake and shoddy.

Today, in addition to introducing the difference between fresh duck blood and duck blood tofu, I also answer the above two questions that everyone is concerned about.

The difference between fresh duck blood and duck blood tofu

Duck blood

Fresh duck blood is a semi-finished product, which is made from fresh duck blood plus some sodium citrate for anticoagulation, plus some salt, calcium salt, guar gum, etc. To help solidification, these additives are fine as long as they are used in accordance with relevant national standards.

Duck blood tofu

Duck blood tofu is a finished product, which is made from fresh duck blood after filtering, coagulation, sealing, cooking, cooling and storage. [1]

Due to its retorting and sterilization, cooked duck blood has a relatively longer shelf life and is safer and more hygienic. And after making duck blood tofu, not only higher nutritional value, but also water retention, elasticity and chewiness. [2]

Is duck blood worth it?

Worth it.


Duck blood contains almost no fat and contains 13.6% protein, making it a good source of protein.

Iron supplements

When it comes to improving and preventing iron-deficiency anemia, the first thing that many people think of may be red meat. In fact, duck blood should be paid more attention to.

The content of iron in lean red meat is about 3mg/100g, while iron content in duck blood is as high as 30mg/100g, even more than pig blood. In all kinds of high-efficiency iron-supplementing foods, it is one of the best.

The recommended daily intake of iron for adult women aged 18-50 is 20mg, and after the age of 50, due to the influence of menopause, it falls to the same 12mg as men.

If young women usually prefer vegetarian food and eat too little animal food, they are prone to iron deficiency. Eating blood products once or twice a week is good for preventing iron deficiency anemia and may improve cold hands and feet, fatigue and weakness.

Supplement animal blood or animal offal 2-3 times a month, 20-50g each time, if you don’t like blood and offal, seafoodAlso a good choice.

But be sure to choose regularpurchase through regular channels when purchasing, because fake duck blood does exist.

Where is the fake duck blood fake?

First of all, from the perspective of production, the basic supply of duck blood can still be guaranteed – data from the China Animal Husbandry Association and the World Food and Agriculture Organization show that in 2020, China’s commercial ducks will be sold for the whole year.4.683 billion , a duck has about 0.1 kg of blood. [3]

Then why is there fake duck blood?

Of course because fakes are cheaper…

Fake in raw materials

Last year, a reporter undercover a well-known national chain hot pot restaurant, Longkan, and sent the duck blood it sold to Shandong Institute of Food and Drug Inspection for testing. The test report showed: The duck ingredient was not detected, but it was faked by “chicken blood”!

These fake duck blood come from the outskirts of Jinan, a black workshop specializing in the production of “fresh duck blood”, with a monthly output of nearly 5,000 catties, supplying dozens of Sichuan-Chongqing hot pots shop[4][5].

In addition to chicken blood, cow blood and pig blood are often used to pretend to be duck blood. They are larger in size, have more blood, and are cheaper. But in terms of taste and nutrition, it is definitely not as good as duck blood.

Inferior ingredients

In addition, there is a bad word in the fake and inferior, just pretend it is simple, because the fresh duck blood itself is very easy to spoil, some traders in order to prevent the deterioration of duck blood, violation Add formaldehyde and other substances that cannot be used in duck blood for preservation.

Fortunately, with the strengthening of food safety supervision in my country, related incidents have become less and less, especially if you go to regular brand merchants to buy , the chance of stepping on thunder is still relatively small.

Which duck blood dishes do you like to eat?