The president of Su’s Ancestral Temple in Guyi Village: Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi, as evidenced by genealogy and couplets

Su Family Tree

Cover reporter Zeng Jie and intern Lin Xiaotu provided by the interviewee

August 11, the topic of “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi” continued to attract attention and heated discussions. Relevant literature and history experts also participated in the discussion. Jiang Lan, the vice-chairman of the Sichuan Writers Association and a famous writer who is writing 3 biographies related to Su Shi, judged after seeing this hot search that if the local genealogy clearly traces back to Su Liuyi, the general of the Southern Song Dynasty, then Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi. Big”.

After the related topic was on the hot search, some netizens praised the excellent people who are in the same line, and some people questioned that the ancient genealogy cannot be verified, so what is the basis for Su Bingtian to be the descendant of Su Shi? The cover news reporter interviewed Su Genhong, the chairman of Su’s Ancestral Temple Council in Guyi Village, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, whose ancestral home is Su Genhong. He confirmed to reporters that according to the genealogy records, Su Bingtian is the 29th grandson of Su Shi and the 21st grandson of Su Liuyi. He said that the local Su’s ancestral hall has a tradition of worshipping ancestors. Su Bingtian himself returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors in October 2021. The ancestral hall specially opened the middle door for him and welcomed him back to his hometown by welcoming the champion.

Su Genhong said frankly that he kept calling in the past two days, because Su Bingtian was a descendant of Su Shi, which aroused strong attention from all walks of life, and the media from all over the world sought him for confirmation. He responded in a firm tone that the family tree of the Su family in the ancient town of Zhongshan can be traced back to the Song Dynasty.

The genealogy display can show the lineage of Su Liuyi

Su Genhong provided reporters with a family tree (sample) of the Su family in Jinbian, an ancient town in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The family tree of the Su family is written in golden script on the big red family tree. The text shows that the ancestor of the Su family is Su Xun , Su Zhe and Su Shi in the second generation, Su Liuyi from the Su Shi line to the tenth generation, Su Liuyi is divided into four lines, among them, Su Jingyou (Rong Master) line continues to record, and it is passed down to Su Bingtian and Su Bingquan as the twenty-ninth generation .

Jiang Lan introduced that Su Liuyi, a famous anti-Yuan general in the Southern Song Dynasty, was the eighth grandson of Su Dongpo and descendant of Su Tan, the son of Su Dongpo and his wife Wang Fu’s eldest son Su Mai. Because of the war, the descendants of Su Liuyi were forced to move south and settle in the area of ​​Guangdong, but did not stay in Meishan, Sichuan. If the genealogy can be traced back to Su Liuyi, then Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi. “This possibility is very high.”

Su Bingtian is recorded in the genealogy

According to Su’s information platform, the Jinbianli ancestral hall in Guyi Village, Guzhen Town, was built in the Ming Dynasty. According to records, more than 700 years ago, the descendants of the patriotic general Su Liuyi in the late Song Dynasty tried to escape the Yuan army. Chased and killed, he kept his name incognito in the “Jinbianli” of Shuangshuitanghe Village, Xinhui, Guangdong, and later came to the ancient town to make a living. There is a couplet in the ancestral hall. The origin of the ancestors is thousands of years away, and the martial arts are thousands of years old. It is said that the merits of the military general Su Liuyi.

It is understood that in October 2021, Su Bingtian once returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors, and gave red envelopes to more than 1,600 elderly people over the age of 55 in the village, with a total value of more than 160,000 yuan. The ancestral hall opened the door for him, because the local people think that his achievements in sports are the same as the champion, which is the pride of the Su family.

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